Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Olympia

It would make sense that I watched the Olympia wouldn't it? The decisions the judges make determine the "look" of Figure for the upcoming year. Yes, it changes. You see they may want a "harder" look over a "softer" look sometimes or vice versa. 

What does that mean? "Hard" is tight muscularity, less bodyfat; while "soft" is not quite as tight looking, not as muscular and higher bodyfat. 

Personally, I don't care what the judges want or what they are looking for, I will not change the look I want. This is for me not them.

I like hard. Hard, tight, very muscular. Leave the soft to the bikini gals I say. That's the definition of "soft". 

Did you see the difference between the Figure gals and the Bikini? Striking in my opinion.

I still don't understand how they plan to make the Women's Physique division work, they only offer it in the Nationals. To compete in the Nationals you need to qualify at a local show. So if you qualify in a show for Figure, you would have to really pack it on to compete in Women's Physique since your qualification lasts only one to two years depending on the show.

Or do they award the harder more muscular women hoping they will want to move up to Women's Physique?

Well I looked online and what did I find out? No more Women's Bodybuilding! But the Womens' Physique will be at the local level in 2012.

Here is a link to John Lindsay Productions, the promoter or many of the shows in California. You can see the shows and schedules for yourself. 

Now, you can even see all of the rules and regulations, so you understand just what the judges are looking for. Of course, it is still very political and very subjective.

Now I need to think this all out. I may want to try my hand at this! It really is a sport for older women, I mean 30 and up. Leave the bikini to the young gals, they are not typically as successful in Figure or Bodybuilding, you need time to develop muscle.

This also means I may have to train more with Roy. Sometimes, it's not just wisdom that comes with age!

And now a video that I found hilarious. This was posted in a closed group I belong to on Facebook called Sisterhood of Iron, over 2000 women strong (literally).

We have all seen Sex In The City right? Well this is Flex and The City. I talk a lot about the "skinny" look and how unattractive I find it, well seems like I am not the only one who thinks this! Check out these women! Email subscribers will need to navigate directly to the blog to view the video.