Sunday, June 30, 2013

Posing Routine

These photos were all taken as I performed my posing routine at the night show or "finals" at my may 11, 2013 competition, I had a blast! I actually had a big cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and iced tea prior to this.....not sure what I enjoyed more, the food and drink or the performance!

You are not scored on your routine, it is purely for entertainment of the audience. The routines vary quite a bit, and usually they are a good indication of the personality of the performer.

Prior to the Women's Physique division, the only people who did a routine were BodyBuilders. You have seen the big guys up on stage, usually to some very loud, head banging rock and roll; or just the opposite:  very slow and flowing, but in my opinion, painfully boring music. 

Here is an example of a bodybuilders routine I like! (email subscribers will need to navigate to the blog link at the top of the page to view the videos).

I am not going to show you one I don't like, that would be silly. A posing routine is supposed to show off the physique,  the hard work that has been put into the building of each muscle and it's supposed to be entertaining. 

Mine was more dancing than posing, I think my physique showcased just fine! 

Below is a video that Sakura's mother took, my entrance is not shown, I was the only one who actually started from behind the curtain, so she wouldn't have known to video at the start of the music, but she got most of it! 

The division of Women's Physique brings competing to a whole new level. There is more required to develop larger muscles, and a leaner body, then the posing is strenuous and so important to how you can show off your physique, and then the routine! I love the routines.

Notice no shoes? I love the fact that this is all done in bare feet. My feet didn't hurt at the end of the night!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Accomplishments and Believing in Yourself

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me, getting back to my "normal" routine. Any sane person would tell you there is nothing normal about my routine, but it's normal for me!

I'm back to my usual schedule, training at Gold's Gym every single morning at opening  and training with Roy at Bodycomp Gym 3 days a week after work. 

Guys still stop me at the gym, almost everyday and say something like "Don't you have a competition coming up soon?" Friday I was telling this to Roy and I laughed just thinking about the irony of it all. I weigh a lot more than I did three weeks ago, I fluctuate between 7 to 9 pounds more. It's my normal weight, but can't these guys see that I am not the mean, lean machine I was only a short while ago?!

I like to think I still look bangin' even if I have some soft fat surrounding my hips and abs.....It's still a lot less than most women. I noticed today, on one of my Quad days that I am looking like a very muscular gal right now, strong, not dainty in any way, shape or form! I suppose I need to get a picture, I have neglected to do so, maybe on Sunday I will.

Part of the joy of getting back to my "normal" routine is lifting because I like to lift, not because I have to lift. It was Front Squats today, 5 sets of 8. Roy told me to do as many at 135# as possible. I had to warm up with many sets, I am still having tightness in my hips, it comes and goes but lots of stretching, rolling and warm ups help.

I did my first set it 125#, then I did the remaining at 135#, all four remaining sets! Folks, these are front squats, at more than my bodyweight! My buddy for the morning, before I went on to walking lunges, with a 40# dumbbell in each hand!

I am still basking in my accomplishments, I am proud of myself. When the division of Women's Physique was first introduced, I immediately wanted to switch over, but I didn't think I was ready. Oh, I had the self confidence, that is never a problem for me (sometimes I can come off as quite arrogant due to my confidence), it was my physique, I wasn't quite as muscular as I would need to be. I'm still not, I want to add a bit more but that takes time.

I waited a couple years and trained hard, I kept competing in Figure but I tried to get as big and as muscular as possible. It's not easy when you are a female, you are not young, and and when you are natural - I rely on good food, sleep, and heavy weights. 

Consistency. Dedication. Desire. Passion. Love.

So many of us go through life afraid of what others may say or think about us. I know that I have many people shaking their heads. What is a woman her age doing dressed (or not dressed) like that!? Who does she think she is?!

But do I care? No. I live my life for me. For my pleasure, my pursuit of my own happiness. While I want my family and friends to be proud of me, I can only do what I feel I need to do in the one life I have been given.

I feel fortunate to have found what makes me feel young, makes me feel healthy and alive, what makes me want to jump out of bed every morning. I don't roll over and look at the alarm clock, dreading the start of another day, ever.

Look at your life, think about what you are doing, what you are accomplishing. Are you proud of yourself? Can you walk through life with your head held high, shoulders back, laughing out loud? I hope so, we should all be doing just that.

I have a motivational video below, one of the most moving I have seen in quite some time. Email readers will need to navigate directly to the blog by clicking on the Ready In 5 Weeks link at the top of the page.