Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4 Weeks Out

Four weeks left, I am getting antsy; however, I am not where I need to be yet!

I am looking good, but I always start thinking "what if I don't lose that last bit of fat in time?"

I do worry, and losing the fat and being ready too early is just as bad as not being ready on time. I lose it all too quickly and I risk looking thin and stringy, old and tired, haggard, not healthy.

So I do fret and tonight David reminded me I have 4 weeks still! That's a whole month, and I only need to lose a pound or maybe two of fat at most. Easy!

Let's get on with the weekly critique shall we?

Shoulders look great, arms fabulous. The quads are even looking good.

The delts look nice and round, I think my rear delts get so big because I train back twice a week, and the low row, bent over row and pull ups all hit those delts too.

Ah, the back. Lumpy and bumpy, in a good way! This is the first picture I see my size starting to come down, meaning my overall size, I am getting smaller now, at least I feel smaller.

The 'smiley' under the glutes is just about gone (and it's not a frown thank goodness!) the glute ham tie in is looking tighter and pulled together.  The waist really looks small from this view.

I am happy, ready to move along and start the next journey soon.  What am I planning? I am not sure what the specific training will be. I told Roy I would be in to train the Wednesday after my competition, I am not one to take a week off as so many people do. I will be too anxious to get back and into the gym after a couple days away.

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