Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Kind Of Battery Are You?

Sometimes I have very, very odd dreams. Actually David has told me that sometimes he wakes up because I am doing crunches in my sleep! 

Last night I dreamt we were all like batteries. Yes, just like an EverReady battery. Of course this was all in the context of healthy living, exercise and nutrition.

There are regular "batteries"; rechargeable "batteries" and solar "batteries"; which kind do you think you are?

The regular batteries start off with so much life and charge; they have boundless energy and power, then something happens. After a few years they slow down, you have to shake them to make them come to life, some get corroded and crusty, eventually the stop putting out any energy and just lay there, a shell that is lifeless.

These are the folks that end up spending their lives in front of the TV set eating packaged or pre-prepared foods.

The rechargeable batteries start off the very same way, but eventually they lose their enthusiasm, they slow down, sometimes they work sporadically. Until they latch onto something or someone that gives them new energy, new power, new life. The they start over again and go for some time, only to lose their power once again. They find a new power source or interest and gain a renewed energy once again. This can go on for years. 

These are the people who start a program with all good intentions, but never really have their heart and soul into it, they never connect so are always in need of another person to help motivate them, to kick start them.

Then there is the solar battery. This one starts off strong and full of life, and it works faithfully every single day. It finds a source of renewable energy, one that is available every single day, without fail. This battery doesn't need someone else, it has found it's own source of power, within. It will go strong and last for an eternity.

These are the people who have an inner fire, they start a program, seize every opportunity to improve and work at it night and day. They are internally motivated.

I thought about my friends and acquaintances, and categorized them into the type of battery they might be. There are some I think will need some cleaning off, got to get rid of that corrosion! Some will come and go as they find their renewal in me, call me to help get them back on track, ask for advise. And some, some will stand beside me blinding me with their beautiful solar light.

Which one are you?