Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is Beauty?

To me, beauty is an athletic body. Beauty is not defined by nice hair and nails, or a designer handbag with matching shoes. It is not gobs of make-up and hair sprayed hair. And on my goodness it is not all that plastic surgery to make a 40 year old attempt to look 18!

It is sweat and tears. It is hard work and triumph. Beauty is in the struggle to succeed where no one else has.

Beauty is a female athlete.

It's not just the physical aspect, but the strength, life and passion they bring to the world as they compete in their respective sports.

Strength is beauty. Desire is beauty. Determination is beauty. Individuality is beauty. Endless pursuit of a dream is beauty.

I want to show you some women I feel are beautiful. For each of these women, their beauty comes out in their sport. They are athletes.

Athletes are beauty to me.

Florence Griffith-Joyner (deceased) - "Fastest woman of all time"

Cory Everson - Bodybuilder

Serena Williams - tennis player

Dana Linn Bailey - IFBB Pro Womens Physique Competitor

Darra Torres - swimmer

Brandi Chastain - Soccer player

There are many, many more.  Each of these women are an inspiration to me and remind me of the beauty that surrounds me every day.

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