Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Weeks Out

I'm done. I don't mean "quitting", I mean I am there, just where I want to be, I am ready. I have been at 120 pounds for the last several days and am holding, that's where I thought I might land. Anything less and I might start to look too stringy.

I do need to tell you about a great new feature to the "Blogger" software. Just click on the first picture, and it will expand to the entire screen. The it will show thumbnails down at the bottom so you can click through and see all the pictures one right after another! You do need to be reading in blogger, not in the email link though.

The glutes came in, but won't look their best until they are all "painted" dark brown with the tan, then everything looks better!

Back is good, nice and wide with a good V taper. No back fat. Again, the tan makes the cuts show much better, you see, dark skin absorbs light, white skin reflects it, that's why bodybuilders all get the really dark, fake tan!

The shoulders look good, Roy has been doing a good job don't you think? 

Today I dropped creatine out of my daily supplement regime, creatine makes you hold water in the muscle cells, I don't want any extra water any longer. Things should start to tighten up next week.

See the roundness of the delts? The stomach has flattened and tightened up too.  When I was training today (Sunday), Anthony came up to ask me about deficit deadlifts, what did I think? We talked and he looked at me and says "Your competition next week? Your'e looking pretty ripped up!"

2 weeks left, then a whole new exciting chapter begins!