Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Week Out

One week from today (when the pictures were taken on Saturday), I will be on stage competing at the San Francisco.

I am pleased, but nervous too. I cannot see the trees through the forest. I know I look great, my shoulders are huge and round, the way I like them. My bodyfat is low, Roy checked it again on Friday and it has all dropped, except the damn knees! We gotta figure out what that all means.

Actually my delts really just now rounded out, it's Roys dedication to tracking the rate of the inclines and weights and reps, and the time under tension. 

My weight has been holding steady at 119, and that is good I don't want to lose any more, but I don't want to gain, I need to eat just enough starches to stay full so my muscles look healthy and I don't look like a skinny cardio queen.

I am pleased with the abs, I have never been one to get a six pack, but at 50, I think they look pretty darn good!

See the shoulders? Nice huh? I can see I am smiling, a real smile, I am happy I have gotten to this point, it is quite a bit of work you know.

The back- broad and well developed, and the glutes look good. The tan, all I need is the tan!

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