Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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I have never really been a fan of cardio, I like lifting. But, when competing in Figure, you need to lose most of your bodyfat and that requires a lot of "energy expenditure".

I could do that lifting weights, but I also want to have muscles as big as I possibly can, so I think it would compromise my training. I am sure it works great for some people, but just not my cup of tea.

I tend to stay away from the elliptical because I find myself "skating", it isn't as difficult as the stairmill or the stairstepper. Until today.

It was Sunday, one of my looooooong days at the gym. Saturdays and Sundays I am here about 3 hours. Of course, if you add the two times I come on other days I am close!

I did my weight training, then 30 minutes on the stairmill and decided to take it outside. Courtside Club is a huge facility, there are 16 tennis courts (outdoor and some indoor), they stand on ceremony. Take a look at some of the rules of the tennis courts, I love the last one and wonder what on earth it all means? 

Dress Code

  1. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.
  2. No swimsuits, cut-offs or bare feet are allowed on the tennis courts.
  3. Regulation tennis shoes are required on the courts. We do not allow running shoes.
  4. Gentlemen are not permitted to wear tank tops. Shirts are required while on the courts. Exceptions: Men who want to play without shirts may use Courts 3 and 4 at any time and Courts 2 through 6 from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
It means I watch tennis at courts 3 and 4, or 2 through 6 from 12 to 3! ha ha

I digress. I wandered out to the deck off the cardio room. There are 6 spin bikes and 3 ellipticals overlooking the tennis courts, fire pits and bar.  

It was 8:00 am, and warm and breezy, a beautiful spot overlooking the Santa Cruz mountains. I climbed up on one of the ellipticals and pounded out an additional 20 minutes with the fresh air in my hair, filling my lungs, I felt revived!

I usually do my cardio after work, and it would be much too hot out there, but Wednesday I train with Roy after work, so you know where you will find me at 5:00am?

Outside, taking in the scenery. I wonder if anyone will be on court 3 or 4?