I am in love with my husband of 30 years, David, and share my busy life with him.

David is an elementary school principal with a passion for teaching and is also a home wine maker. He has won numerous ribbons for his fantastic wines at both the Orange County Fair and the Santa Cruz County Fair.

Our son Cooper is 21 and is a Junior at Chico State University.

Cooper once said "Dad, your hobby is a lot easier than mom's, she has to lift weights and diet all the time and you get to sit around drinking wine and eating cheese."

Before I became so interested in weight training, I was constantly cooking, in fact, I even won first place in the Western United States in the "Build a Better Burger Contest" for my Gorgonzola Beefburger with Sun dried Tomato Relish many years ago, in the late 80's. I can taste any dish and re-create it, I thoroughly enjoy food and wine, and eat "seasonally", mostly according to "Figure and Bodybuilding Competition" season. I still enjoy cooking quite a bit; however, cheeseburgers will always hold a special place in my heart.

Are you getting the idea of our crazy household yet?

I am not sure where I fit in quite yet, and considering my age, that seems a little odd to me. I suppose it is because I am ever changing, somewhat like a chameleon. Once, not too long ago, David looked at me and said "You always look different, I never know who I am going to wake up with!" Guess it keeps the marriage exciting huh?

He also said "I used to live at Chez Panisse, now I live at a health spa."

We still enjoy going to our favorite restaurant, Chez Panisse in Berkeley and in my posts you will find many other favorite foods and restaurants.

If I didn't need a job to pay the bills, I would probably still work or volunteer in some health or nutrition related capacity, ideally something that allowed me to dabble in both areas! For now though, I thoroughly enjoy my position as an Assistant Director for Housing at San Jose State University.