Sunday, September 18, 2011

Diana Nyad

A woman with guts, or probably more appropriately balls. 

Diana Nyad, is 62 and is a long distance swimmer. This summer many people watched with anticipation as she struck out to become the first person to swim the Florida Straits without the aid of a shark cage.

Diana spent the evening eating, hydrating and meeting with members of her support team ahead of the 103- mile (166 kilometer) swim from Havana to the Florida Keys before her night departure. 

She would be accompanied by 45 people on five boats during the trip, which was expected to take 60 hours.

Special equipment would surround her with an electric current that she wouldn't notice, but would keep most sharks at bay.

Below is a video interview with Diana, after she had to abandon her quest. (email readers will need to navigate directly to the blog to view the video).

She worked so long for this, and failed. It must have been a horrible blow for her, and to hear the last words she utters sends chills up my spine.

What an amazing woman. A 62 year old woman. I will think about her every time I feel like stopping my training.