Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeding Body and Soul

I am referring to two different meals. Mine is to feed "THE body" and the other meal is to feed the souls of my boys. It's right about now where I really start to feel guilty for all the garbage I put them through so I can compete. I have said it before, it's not good for a relationship unless you both follow the same path.

The rigid schedule of training, regular "feedings", massive supplements, two times a day sessions at the gym, need for extra sleep, food cravings, mood swings, need I go on? It's not pleasant to live with someone doing what I do, and

David and Cooper: Thank you for being so patient and understanding.

It will be over in three weeks, then the fun begins for us all. Anyway, close to the end here as my diet becomes even more strict, I start cooking more for the boys.

Above you can see my "favorite of the week", fish stew. I call it that but it probably would only be tasty to someone on a diet. I actually love it and can eat it year round anyway. 

Below is what I made for David and Cooper after I ate my stew. Rabbit. Bunny, Hare, yes those cute little things we call Thumper. Rabbit coated in French mustard, salt and pepper then sauteed in olive oil. After it has browned on both sides, add white wine and fresh thyme (I have massive amounts of all herbs in my vineyard out front). Simmer about an hour until tender, turning occasionally. 

I served it with some of the best gratin potatoes in the world. Rub the dish with fresh garlic, then layer thin slices of russets, creme fraiche, gruyere cheese, salt. Bake for about one and a half hours till hot, bubbly, creamy and crunchy on top.

They wanted no vegetables to ruin their dish (ha ha).

You can see them enjoying the dish, wish I was sitting there eating it too! 

This is soul food. 

Back to my stew, it was quite satisfying for being on a diet. I have been eating massive amounts of greens lately, so I saute several different kinds separately so they are just cooked exactly the way I like them, and then add them to a big bowl and mix them all together.

This is mustard greens, kale, chard, collard greens (my favorite) and broccoli raab. I added some of my greens mixture to a big soup bowl and also added some thinly sliced and cooked leeks, mushrooms and broccoli. There was about three cups of vegetables I think.

I then added one cup of water and warmed it all in the microwave.

I cubed up cod and liberally sprinkled chile powder all over and quickly sauteed the cubes in a tiny bit of olive oil. I placed the cubed fish on top, added a perfectly cooked organic egg then squeezed lots of lemon all over.

This is fuel for THE body.

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