Friday, September 2, 2011

Doing What I Love

Yes I think I do love weight training. I don't have any sort of love for cardio, I see it as a means of breaking down the body and expending energy, so, although it is necessary, I certainly do not enjoy cardio much and I don't think most people are doing the right "type" of cardio. I have written about the "cardio queens" before, the ones who always look the same year after year after year.

I am making the point because a lot of people think I just do "fit" things, and I run, skip, jump, weight train, cycle, I surely must do all of it and love every minute of it.

But I don't, not really.

I do what I love to do, and that is weight train (I will often say weight lifting and I try to catch myself as I am not a weight lifter, although I have toyed with the idea. A weight lifter is one who lifts weights competitively, whereas a weight trainer does it for the conditioning aspect).

I am a competitive poser, not a weight lifter! 

But the competitions are only a piece of it, a little slice of fun and hard work to reassure myself that everything is paying off, I am on track and doing it right.

I do incorporate some cardio, but I primarily train with weights, I think that is the most effective way to get the body I want, lean, but muscular, strong and tight.

What I love to do more than anything is the difficult, strenuous, heavy lifting or sessions with so much volume, I sweat and breathe hard without ever moving my feet at times.

It makes me feel accomplished, alive and invincible. 

The Glute Ham raise if one of my favorites. Below is a video of me using it similar to a back extension, there are different variations that can be done. This may look easy, well it is anything but easy. Especially after doing 30 or more minutes of hamstring or quad work. (As a reminder, email subscribers will need to navigate directly to my blog to view these and all videos).

And another favorite, the Sled DawgNow this looks fairly easy and not very interesting nor particularly difficult, but consider a couple things: 1) The sheer weight of this. I imagine the sled itself weighs at minimum 45 pounds. So add the three 45 pound plates and the one 35 pound plate and you have 215 pounds! I weigh 125 here.

2) I have just spent 45 minutes training legs, this is the culmination of my workout and I will do this (down and back) three times probably. I suspect this was my last set too since I usually start out a lot faster. I am tired right now, let me tell you. Yes, I am moving slowly, I am breathing hard too, try it!

These are exercises sure to whip any body into shape.