Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 Weeks Out

Three weeks away! I am getting excited and anxious. Excited because I can eat some of the things I have been craving lately! 

I haven't lost any more weight, I have been fluctuating between 121 and 122 depending on the water and starchy carbs I ingest.

I think the only step now is to drop another pound and tighten everything up. What am I craving? Lots of things, but first I shall have a banana, that's always the first thing I eat and a small bag of Doritos. Then, I shall drive home very late at night, and at this present moment (and my mind is always subject to change), I will be planning to have a very rare steak sandwich. Grass fed rib eye, salt and pepper, seared outside, red inside. On sliced sourdough bread with a whisper of mayo and mustard and lots of crunchy romaine lettuce.

Actually, the very first thing I will do is chug a lot of water. You have to dehydrate yourself during the show so the skin looks tight over the muscles, you get very, very thirsty. You can only sip a little as fluids will flatten out the muscles. 

The peanut butter I love so dearly I will get backstage with honey on rice cakes, that is eaten prior to going on stage to fill out the muscles. Of course, I will have a bit more when I get home as I wait for my steak to cook.
With the dark tan, stage make up on, hair done and the glittery jewelry, I will be a different woman!

And of course gluing on the suit so it sits correctly. Next week or the week after I shall compare the first set of pictures with the current ones, we can see the progress from the start to the end!

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