Friday, August 19, 2011

Body and Soul

The boys were out of town for the weekend, I was on my own. Ah sweet nothingness! Actually I never do "nothing",  I feel like I will miss something in life. What would I do while they were gone? The same thing I do when they are here, only louder and with light! ha ha

I woke up at the crack of dawn and turned lights on! It was great to be able to walk around and see as I got ready for the gym. I met Maria for a while and we trained legs and glutes...I then went home and cooked my food for the upcoming week, chicken, beef, and lots of vegetables since I got two CSA deliveries. Virginia went out of town so she asked if I wanted hers, and I always get a delivery at work. I have enough produce for a family of 10 now. Good, I am cutting starches way back and will need the vegetables.

Stacy and I went to the San Jose Jazz Festival and wandered, people watching. She and I are more alike than I had realized. When she says "should I bring food?" I know that means her own particular meals, it won't be crackers, cheese, chips or junk.

When I say "let's get a drink" she knows that means water.

We both schedule our lives around our training and food prep, and we understand that about each other. 

I was feeling good as I walked through the crowds of people, and it really shows when you feel good about yourself. 

A man smiles at me and says "nice tan!" I am not tan, but I may look tan. I have had basal cell cancer, I use tanning lotion, tanning is for fools. But I also have a trick: Body Bling. The gold bottle is for blonds, it gives a beautiful golden color; the black bottle is darker, it gives a more tan color, sometimes I mix them.

Body Bling makes your skin look like a golden statue, it's amazing. I put it on my legs and it transforms plain legs to glistening works of art. Even Stacy asked me about my tan....

A woman and man at a booth selling drinks waved me over. She leaned out and said "Your arms are amazing! He was going on and on about your arms and I told him I am trying to work on mine but we wanted to see you up close!" I smiled and laughed and waved as I walked away.

We walked on, towards the blues stage, I wanted to see Eric Lindell.

A woman looks at me and says "You have a beautiful body!" and her friend turns to look and says "Uh huh, I noticed she sure does!"

I smile and thank them and walk on. I tell Stacy it happens all the time, almost everyday, I just don't get it. "It all makes the hard work worth it though." I told her, she agreed.  

A couple guys talk to me, I haven't the heart to tell them I am older than their mother..or maybe they don't care?

We talked and joked with the police on every corner, they sure were friendly! 

A guy asks if Stacy and I are single, they are having a dating show for single women. I tell him we are single for a couple hours, we have no time for his show. He laughs and agrees. As we walk away I laugh and tell her that we don't need a show to find a date anyway! We both bust out in laughter and people wonder what we have been drinking...

We enjoy the music and watch the people, pointing out the beautiful bodies to one another. I like to look at beautiful bodies. We critique and comment about what appears to be original parts and what is "refurbished". We talk about how some could improve in certain areas with proper training or a modified diet. 

We spend a long time watching a woman dancing by herself. We wonder if it is drugs or just a very free spirit. She certainly was having a good time and danced beautifully. She left when the music stopped, we assumed to spread her joy elsewhere. 

We left, driving home with the top down, each would go home to more cooking and planning, we run our schedules the same it seems. 

I felt good, I felt wonderful to relax, to have all my hard work recognized by strangers, to enjoy the festival completely straight but high on life. 

And to be in the company of a wonderful person who values the same things in life I do, hard training, physical activity, great healthy food; and the curiosity of what makes people tick.

I started cooking again, went to bed early and planned to get plenty of rest for my next long day at the gym. Sunday would be back day, and I planned to turn the lights on and make some noise when I got out of bed!

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