Tuesday, August 16, 2011

7 Weeks Out

Seven weeks until my show and I am feeling on track. It's really just about dropping the rest of the bodyfat very slowly, sticking to the diet and practicing my posing.

Shoulders are looking good, we are still working on rounding them out more though.

I have been attempting to adjust my suit, I am thinking I need to tighten the straps a bit, I pinned them here to see how that would work. Keeping the darn thing in place is near impossible, and a wedgie while you are on stage posing just looks silly, I know, been there, done that!

And although there is special glue to hold it all on, it doesn't hold for long and I have two shows, and two divisions to be in. 

There is the morning show where the "real" judging takes place, that's when you do all the turns and comparisons, and they send you back and forth and rearrange you next to others. 

I am in the age 50 and up (no heights in this class) and then I go off stage and wait till the "open" class C (all ages are in this class) goes on, that is something like 5'2 to under 5' 3 1/2" and I go back out for that too.

My back is fine, when I drop the rest of the fat the glutes will look tighter, today I met my friend Maria Adelus at the gym and she said "you look great! You are gonna be ready early!"

I can manage early better than late. If I lose it too late I will get stressed....Stress produces cortisol, not good when you are trying to lose bodyfat and gain lean mass. 

Just say "OOOOOMMMMMM" Actually, David tells me he has to worry for for both of us because I never seem to worry about anything anymore. Several years ago I decided that worry did no good, and if I can change something I will and if I cannot  then no amount of stress or worry will help anyone or anything.

So, I live a fairly worry free life and want to keep it that way!

Maria and I trained legs and glutes, talked, and planned to spend more time together on weekends, she will be here a lot. I might have to see if I can get her into Roy's once or twice!

I need to remember to keep my hands "pretty", but honestly, trotting back and forth on my hardwood floors wearing the 5 inch Lucite heels with my camera on a timer makes it a little difficult, it all comes easier on stage. Especially with the head judge shouting "Ladies! Arms by your sides! Arms by your sides! This is not a bodybuilding contest!"...hee hee he always does!

Look- Tummy is getting there...flatter and flatter everyday! The sprints across the street last week were good, I did it three nights, I will do the same this week.

It really felt good, so I am doing some form of exercise every morning, every lunch and every night with the exception of Fridays, I am skipping the night workout. 

Maria looked great- the last show we did together was the San Jose in July of 2009, so this will be fun! It is so much more fun to have a friend along, someone to chat with and help adjust the suit and critique the make up.

And, depending on how we both look, we may even get to go out for a good lunch in between shows! 

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