Sunday, August 7, 2011

8 Weeks Out

8 weeks until the San Francisco show, and I am feeling like I am on track. My weight has been as low as 124 for a few days last week, yet it moves up a bit according to the carbs and water and sodium in my diet.

I don't think I want to get down to 119 and maybe even not 120. I am beginning to think that I just may have added some nice lean mass and won't have too much more to worry about. 

The shoulders are looking rounder (thanks to Roy) and I can see my quads looking better each week as the fat slowly melts away.

Back looks great- but I have always had a good back, I love the shape that can be seen here.

Roy has plans to help me get rid of that fat on the lower glute area, in a few weeks you should see a vast improvement with overall tightening. And don't worry, when I glue the suit on it will fit straight and better!

Close up of the impressive back starting to develop....

The delts look nice and round here, which indicates good overall development in anterior and posterior, I am working on the lateral  delts for width on the side (from the front view). 

Even got some good horseshoe triceps going on!

On target, feeling good and making my list of places to eat afterwards...only two months to go.

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