Sunday, August 14, 2011

Football and HGH

Football, it's big money for the United States. I am speaking of American Football.

So the long, long , drawn out lock-out is over, but it seems there is a little bit of tension surrounding one of the agreements.


Human Growth Hormone

Looks like the players have to be tested for this now. 

The new drug testing program includes provisions that all players will be tested for HGH at least once a year, and perhaps more. They may even be tested on game day.

This is a blood test, not the simple urine test they have been taking.

It's actually not a done deal, the players still want to have final approval on the testing method.

Last year it was initiated by Major League Baseball in the minors. Olympic athletes have been subject to this testing for 7 years now. 

I understand it is not a quick and easy test, the detection window can be as short as 24 hours, which means that the tests really need to be unannounced, something that the NFL hasn't been very good at adhering to with other testing.

It can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes of laying completely still to take the sample, as physical activity can skew the results. Any medications being taken can change them too.  Before last year, the test had never produced a positive result, and now since February, 2010 it has produced half a dozen. We are years away from a urine test. People are not really trusting this test.

This may sound like I am against it, and I certainly am not, I just understand why the players, and even clean players may be a little worried.

But in the amateur league here, the world of Fitness, Figure and Bodybuilding, I think there  are many people taking HGH. People who will never be rich and famous, no matter how far they go in this business.

Why?  Is it worth it?

HGH increases lean body mass and decreases body fat. Exactly what someone in a physique based sport wants. 

I wouldn't consider taking it, but someone once asked me to put myself in the shoes of a football player (or other professional athlete) who was making millions of dollars. If their performance suffered, their livelihood would too. 

Knowing that everyday I had to put my body through physical torture and pain, and would no doubt retire at a very young age because my body couldn't handle the job much longer, and this might help.

Would I do it then? I might, but I am not in their shoes or anywhere near their level. 

I am aware that people in the Bodybuilding world take it, for what? To look good? yes, I think so.

Pretty stupid, and vain. And why do you suppose there is no drug testing at most bodybuilding competitions?

I imagine that is because there would be too many positive tests.