Saturday, August 6, 2011

Find Your Passion

What is your passion? Is there something in life you love to do more than anything? There must be. It could be reading, watching movies, riding horses, building models, so many things.

When we start out as children, everything holds delight for us, a crumpled piece of shiny paper, an old cup, a measuring spoon. Kids can play with things for hours.

Children can make fun out of nothing.

As we grow, our toys become more advanced, we tend to hide our enthusiasm, we act bored. Maybe we are bored.

What did that to us? Who made the rule that says adults need to act responsible, respectable and "act their age". You go to work, come home and make dinner, read the mail, watch a little TV and on weekends clean the house and run errands.

I don't see "have fun", "explore passion" and "LIVE" anywhere in that equation do  do you?

I make a point of getting up everyday and planning to have a great day and feeling like I am ALIVE. I know there will be  things that may not be pleasant, but I always make sure I first plan to fit in what pleases me, what makes me feel passionate, what makes me feel alive.

I am sure you can guess what that is.

My weight training

My work schedule has been carefully orchestrated so I can go to the gym when I feel most productive, and I can leave on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. to train with Roy. I am best early in the morning, I am one of those seriously obnoxious morning people who actually even looks good when they roll out of bed, you know, even the tousled hair doesn't look bad. 

I actually wake up a bit before the alarm goes off and peek under the leopard print bandanna that covers the light of the clock, to see how long I have. Do I get up and use the bathroom now or have only 5 minutes left till the alarm sounds? 

It is my opinion that we will allocate time to what is important to us, so when someone tells me they don't have time to work out, I usually don't believe them. If they told me they don't MAKE the time to work out, then I would believe them.

I cannot make you passionate about something, only you can do that for yourself. You need to discover what makes you want to live every day. You need to decide what makes you walk around with a huge smile on your face instead of a frown or furrowed brow.

Your passions will make you irresistible and interesting to people. Once you find your groove and just go with it, do what you like, don't worry about what other people think, all of a sudden, the world walks with you, along side, trying to grab your attention; instead of you walking in the world as an observer.

I am feeling good right now, I think I say that a lot, and I mean it. Today I am feeling especially good though. I have made a change.

I am now training twice a week with Roy Ganju at BodyComp Personal Training Gym. I had been training with him once a week, so this is double the fun! Actually it's not always what I would call fun, but I enjoy it and love the results I see.

I just got home, it is evening and I had a bowl of soup after training legs with Roy. I feel strong and pretty much invincible. I think I look darn good too!

There was a time when I trained with SC three times a week, but it was a very short period of time, for a specific program we were working on, other than that it has always been once a week. 

Talk about excited!

So we can hit the legs one day and the shoulders another. At least for now, then after my competition maybe we can make it three times a week! 

This also allows me to get some more cardio and stretching in on Wednesday mornings, since I will see Roy in the evening.

Today David said my legs look more muscular and better than he had ever seen...he was referring to my recent picture on my blog, then he looked at them in person and said "yup, looking good!"

Find your passion!