Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tomatillo Salsa

I treat my body as royalty, I deserve the best! I am talking about my food.....So many people buy the cheapest thing they can get, I shake my head with wonder as I listen to people talk about how cheap their tilapia is or their frozen vegetables are. I think they don't even realize that the more alive your food is, the more nutrients and taste it has!

I get a CSA delivery of vegetables and fruit at my office every Tuesday, I get what I get, it's what is in season and I love it! It comes from J.P. Organics, but that doesn't last long so I also go to the Campbell Farmers Market every Sunday too.  

I fell in love with these purple tomatillos from Catalan Family Farm. The taste is sweeter than green tomatillos. Last week I made salsa with avocado for the boys, this week I made some a little different without the avocado, I wanted to control the fats a bit more. I decided to use the sweet tomatillos, shiny chilaka chiles (use pasilla if you cannot find these) and cilantro. 

First I shucked the tomatillos and pan roasted them until they were blistered and starting to bubble inside, some bursting slightly.

I then blistered the chiles on a cast iron pan, I wanted a slightly charred taste to go with the sweetness of the tomatillos. 

I roughly chopped the chiles, then put the chiles, tomatillos, cilantro and a splash of water into a blender and whisked it up. I added some salt and pepper then the juice of half a lime.

It was stunning. It was a party in my mouth! The sweet and tangy tomatillos, the earthy chiles and just a hint of lime.

For lunch I topped my bowl with some, I had 4 ounces sauteed ground turkey breast, cauliflower, 3 ounces rice and green beans. And my party salsa.

This is great because it is packed with flavor, no fat, minimal carbs (and it's not starches anyway, its mainly sugars just like a tomato). A little goes a long way, so adding just a bit adds pizazz to my meal.

For dinner I had Knee Deep Cattle Company vitellone. This is not veal, it is free range,  grass fed young beef. I buy it from Prather Ranch at the farmers market. I cooked it rare (you can see I think) topped it with a couple tablespoons of salsa and had green beans and my favorite, mushrooms.

Try the salsa, it is amazing!

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