Sunday, August 28, 2011

5 Weeks Out

5 weeks away, I waver in and out of feeling on target and feeling behind, I think that is natural though. Today at the gym Anthony says something, I pull out my earbuds and he repeats himself "Looking good. Your legs look bigger, you added size".

I jumped up in the air let out a "whoop" and smiled and thanked him, he started laughing.

I think my shoulders look better and better everyday! I need to keep practicing holding them up and out, for the look that is oh so unnatural, yet what you need to have on stage.

The back is looking good, I even have striations on the upper back, and last time I trained back was Thursday! You can see the glutes coming down and appearing tighter too. I know I am getting there when the bottom of my suit finally stays for a moment as I pose for pictures, it starts to sit on my hips instead of sliding down.

Ah the side view, where the "pooch" of the stomach is a sure give away, mine is almost gone, soon, soon! I still have a nice round butt, Roy checked bodyfat the other day, it will be shrinking more soon, by about 4 millimeters (in fat), but I think it's still OK.

The legs look nice and full, no saddle bag material hanging out anywhere (but I never do), quads look bigger and are showing a bit of definition.

I was chatting with Yvonne today in the stretching room, she is a trainer at Courtside and a Figure Competitor too, we have been in a few shows together. She was giving me a pep talk, said I looked right on target when I cut water and dehydrate, it will all tighten up and come in, she's right. 

Lean and mean!
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