Thursday, August 18, 2011

Am I Becoming a Bodybuilder?

Am I becoming a bodybuilder? My body has changed, I am getting more muscular but I am trying to. 

I have never been curvy, I have always had a "boyish" figure, and that's fine with me, I wouldn't want to struggle with the womanly hips so many of my friends have. 

I really like the "athletic" look, lean, sleek, fast, natural and almost androgynous. I don't see many athletes with breast implants, they just get in the way and anyway, athletes are focused on the actual sport, not the look of the physique.

I would really like to start competing in Women's Physique though, and I just might be able to in a year. What's the difference?

Bodybuilding = women, big, big muscles, mandatory poses like the men, to show off the muscles, no shoes. It's losing popularity, people just don't want to get that big or see women that big. These are the women who make you take a double look, when I say they are big, I mean big! These are generally not thought of as particularly feminine looking women.  

Figure = women, muscular, yet feminine, "model" poses, basically standing around, posing looking pretty, mandatory 5 inch Lucite high heels (WTF?!) These women have muscles, and are pretty darn cut at competition time, but the ideal look is not big like a bodybuilder, in fact you receive a lower score if you are big and muscular, with a lot of muscle separation and vascularity. 

Women's Physique = women, not as big as bodybuilders, bigger than figure, no shoes (yay!), mandatory poses but not like men, "open hand". They do the model poses like Figure and "open hand" or more soft, fluid poses similar to the bodybuilders. You actually get marked down for getting too big and muscular in Women's Physique, such as a bodybuilder would get and if you are not big enough, you compete in Figure.

Womens' Physique is new this year, it has only been at the National Level, so I would need to qualify in Figure to be able to compete in Women's Physique at the National level. Makes it a a little daunting since the first woman to win her pro card this year is Dana Linn Bailey, and she looks awesome! But I am up for the challenge, she has the physique I strive for. I like the Women's Physique look best of all of them!

Bikini= we won't be discussing here, it's not relevant, although the competitions do include bikini. 

Although most people will tell you there is a hierarchy of status here, it really is what you want to compete in, what your body type is best for and how you want to look and present yourself. While some women may want to compete in bodybuilding, they might not ever get big enough to do so. And on the other hand, some are so big that they just won't ever place well in Figure, so sometimes it's not just about what the individual wants, it's what their body knows best!

And, some people just wanna wear the damn shoes! ha ha

What came first? Bodybuilding; Fitness; Figure; Bikini; Women's Physique. 

I was actually thinking about this not because of how I am looking but because I smelled pancakes. Yes indeed and they smelled good!

I was driving home from the gym one morning and went past "The Diner", and a wonderful aroma of freshly made pancakes wafted into my convertible car. I have never been a pancake fan, but I wanted to stop and get a stack right then and there.

I laughed wondering to myself if I was turning into a bodybuilder! You see, at every competition there are hours, and I mean hours of sitting around doing nothing. The men and women sit around, or stand and talk. They talk about a couple things:

How they look
How others look
What they will eat for lunch (or not for some) 
What they will eat for dinner (for all)
Food in general

That's about it!

And the men- all they talk about is pancakes, I am not sure why, but most of them plan to go to ihop immediately after and gorge on pancakes. Kinda odd to me, but to each his own.

I am planning on making some, after my competition. I will make yeast risen ones for Cooper, the batter is made the night before and is light and fluffy. He never gets out of bed until lunch time so he can have his when he gets up. 

David and I will have Bridge Creek Oatmeal Pancakes.

Bridge Creek Oatmeal Pancakes (from The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham)  

2 cups buttermilk 
2/3 cup Old Fashion Oats (not instant) 
1 large egg 
2 tablespoons brown sugar 
2 tablespoons oil  
1/3 cup all purpose flour 
1 cup whole wheat flour 
1 teaspoon baking soda 
1/2 teaspoon fine salt 

At least 6 hours before making the pancakes, mix the buttermilk and oats together in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate (overnight is fine).

Put the egg in a mixing bowl and beat well, then stir in the brown sugar and blend. Add the flours, baking soda, salt, oil, and the oatmeal- buttermilk mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed.

Heat a heavy griddle or skillet until it is good an hot, then film with oil. Drop the batter by tablespoons (about 2 1/2 per pancake) onto the griddle and cook until lightly browned on each side. Makes about a dozen four inch pancakes. 

Then I will really be a bodybuilder!