Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Ripped

Days like today make me feel so good!  When you are busting your butt, dieting, training, then working and still trying to maintain a home life, it's the little things that make you perk up and remember that its all worth it. 

This is me when I came home from work Monday, David took one look at me and said "you need a cheeseburger! You have veins all over your chest!" I think he meant striations, but regardless, he watches very closely when I diet.

I think I look fabulous! 

Here is what happened today:

It was shoulder day, so I trained shoulders for an hour then off to work. I was coming up in the elevator and one of the maintenance guys looks at me and points to me and said "Look at you! Your arms are ripped and everything!"

"Yeah, I am dieting and my body goes through 'mood swings' as I do, it's in a good mood today!"

Then as I ran my stairs and jumped my rope at lunch, another maintenance guy from across campus pulls his little cart up to the base of the stone steps, waves to me and starts climbing up, he wants to talk to me.

"Hey Jose! What's up?" I ask.

He asks me how many stairs I am running- do I hop on one foot? I should. Do I double jump or single jump? He demonstrates how I should be doing it, his keys jangle on his belt as does his not so flat belly....

We chat a while, I thank him for the valuable advise and he drives off. Shortly later I zip by, shout "race you" and I run as fast as I can past him, all the people watching and cheering. I win! Those electric carts don't go too fast, plus he would probably get in trouble racing a pedestrian on campus.

I am walking a mother and her sophomore son back to my office and she says from behind me "Well it's obvious you are a body builder!" I don't explain the difference and I enjoy being confused with a bodybuilder, means my arms are looking big!

We talk about the competitions and they want to know if there are categories. I tell them I compete in the 50 and up and then open, 18 and up, Mom looks a little impressed.

The son looks around my office at trophies and the picture, asks if I won there. I told him "I always win" and I do.....He gets a huge grin on his face and gives me a high five.

A student came into my office to say goodbye, it was his last day. He said "When I started I was afraid of you, you could hurt me! Mehul told me, Kristy is a real gymnast, but a lady, treat her right and she will be nice to you. But I saw your biceps, I looked at my own and I was afraid, now I know not to be afraid, but you still have very big biceps. I will miss you".

And a very good friend added the topper to it all, she said to me over email "I was attracted to you for your joie de vivre – your love of life and “fuck everyone if they don’t like me” attitude.  I need to get me some of your brand of balls! "

I was high on the comments! It all makes the diet easier to endure.

These pants were fitting perfectly a couple weeks ago, now look! If you look closely you can see the vein running up the side of my stomach, I LOVE this look....and it only gets better.
Maybe this will show better, look I have plenty of room, good thing these have a drawstring. I suppose they will go on the shelf for a few months now, they are just a little too loose at this point. And anyway, once you diet down and start looking ripped, why would you want to wear baggy old army pants?!

And yes, I am looking really vascular, it comes and goes but has been with me a lot today, depending on when and what I eat, and my water intake, I can look smooth or tight and vascular. So for dinner I had a "cheeseburger" modified...

6 ounce beef patty from Prather Ranch at the farmers market, cooked red rare inside, almost bloody. Mushrooms, mixed peppers and asparagus. 

It did a body good!

By the way, call them balls, or whatever you like, I have plenty and you can get some of your own! Just follow me and you will!
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