Friday, August 5, 2011

Female Athletes

Female athletes, I honestly cannot imagine anything more beautiful. Oh I love the males too, but I wouldn't call them beautiful. Their bodies I would describe differently. To me there is nothing finer than a physically fit and developed human body, a true work of living art.

The first video was posted on a site called Hardbody. It is a site for female sports, health, fitness and competitive athlete information. It has been flying all over Facebook already because it really pissed off a lot of women. 

I know you all know what I have to say about this video! Good thing you couldn't hear me as I watched it for the first time!

For anyone to consider that a woman could be "too ripped" or "too toned" is not only barbaric and insulting, it just shows how ignorant and uneducated they are.

Why should it be alright for a male to be "ripped" but not a female? 

In the video above, I wouldn't even say that the subject, Cameron Diaz looked too toned (as if there is such a thing anyway), she looked kind of skinny to me, just extremely low bodyfat and I would like to see her lift some weights and add some mass, then she would look really ripped! 

But has anyone thought that she likes her body just the way she has worked so hard to get it? Shouldn't that be the only thing that matters?

I don't hear about the overweight, unhealthy, painful looking masses who are bound for heart disease and other illnesses. These people are everywhere, the norm unfortunately. Why on earth would the media trash someone who is actually taking care of themselves?

Take another look at these athletes. Too toned for you? Or do they scare you because they are powerful athletes who also look beautiful?