Friday, August 12, 2011

Cardio to Blast Away Fat

I started! I started to add additional cardio, it felt like it was time. I need to drop some more fat and this will help blast it off.

I will start out incorporating more cardio two times a week, and maybe three if I feel I am not overdoing it.

I don't go back to the gym if I can avoid it, the evenings are crazy busy and just looking for a parking space can put me in an unpleasant frame of mind.

Anyway, spending time on any of the machines is really not the best method to blast off fat. You need high intensity or intervals.

I happen to have a wonderful track directly across the street! Here I am after getting home right after my workout.

Monday I arrived at the gym for my shoulder training, one hour. I then did my usual stairs and jump rope at lunch, but was psyching myself up for more intervals so I attacked with a vengeance. I took my steps two at a time, this was great, I felt super strong and I enjoyed mixing it up.

I left work on time, which I will be doing every night now that I have "an appointment" with the track and I quickly changed then jogged across the street.

The stadium stairs are double wide, so the strides are long, there are four isles, 21 high, I run up one isle, down one isle, up one isle, down one isle, weaving my way across from one side to the other. At the bottom of the last set I run out to the track and sprint 100 yards along the football field, then jog back to the bottom of the stairs where I just ended.

I did that 6 times. 


252 stairs up
252 stairs down
600 yards sprints

I will do it again on Tuesday, increasing everything by one set.

That means today I:

Ran up 552 stairs

Down 552 stairs

Jumped rope 300 times

Sprinted 600 yards

Lifted weights for one hour

Worked a 9 hour day (I always do so I can leave early Friday)

Ate dinner of a Pincho Maruno Chicken Patty (recipe is here, I love them), green beans, cauliflower, mustard.

And wrote this blog!

Even I feel a bit tired now!

Cup of sleepy time tea and the GH will kick in and I will grow and shrink in all the right places.

A note to this post which I wrote on Monday - My week went about the same, full of energy! Tuesday was Chest day at the gym, lunch time stairs/jumping rope, then track again after work. Wednesday morning was 30 minutes stairmill at the gym, stairs/jump rope at lunch and Legs with Roy after work. Thursday was Back day  at the gym, stairs and jump rope at lunch and track after work....

Friday I will go to the gym in the morning for stairmill and stretching, then I will see Roy for shoulders at noon. I will not do anything afterward, but I may stop by the $20.00 foot massage!

Drop the boys off at the Sportplex to catch a ride in a huge van of players heading to a lacrosse tournament in Huntington Beach, and the weekend is mine, all alone....Stacy and I are going to the Jazz Festival, I want to see Eric Lindell! But we will both hit the gym for a couple hours first!

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