Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Feet

Not much feels as good as having my feet massaged. OK, maybe having my entire body massaged. That would be the first thing I would ask for if someone wanted to give me a gift. 

In fact, one year my dad gave me $1,000.00 for a gift and I saved it for a "massage a month" for as long as it lasted....It was wonderful.

My club, Courtside has a "spa membership", and I just don't have enough disposable income to justify the cost. There is a full service spa there, and if you join the "spa club" you get all spa services at half price! That's a great deal except the monthly fee for this membership is $150.00.

So I come here instead, U Lucky Foot Spa. It's just down the road and for $20.00 they will massage my entire body, not just my feet, for an hour!

No, it's not like having a massage at a spa, you leave all your clothes on (drats!), you are in a big barca lounger type chair and there are strangers right next to you, but you can easily become friends.

Last time I was there a fellow got off his motorcycle and came in with me. We both sat down waiting and started to chat. He told me his back was tweaked and was it really only $20.00?

Yes, I said it was but it is a foot massage, I am not sure if they will do a back massage. I went on to explain exactly what they do. I always fall asleep, he said he wouldn't fall asleep. It is different than what we are used to, but I am sure this type of service is generally accepted all over the world and it's affordable too. 

What I like about this beside the great price, is that they actually massage my glutes, I have not found many massage therapists who do and the glutes need to be massaged! The massage is more reflexology I suppose, and then some stretching and's great!

He then asked me where I work out. I guess it's obvious huh? We then had a nice chat about weight training.

After we waited a while a woman came and started to lead us away together, she thought we were a couple, he got a chuckle out of that.

I fell asleep three times at least, I wake myself up with a jerk of my body, someday I will probably kick the poor woman in the face.

When we were done, I stretched, tried to get my bearings and looked around. Who was asleep in the big chair right next to me?

My motorcycle guy. ha ha 

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