Thursday, July 7, 2011

German Volume Training Week 2 on my own

Don't be alarmed, I am not "own my own" like no trainer, it's my day to hit the legs and glutes without Roy. 

Have you ever heard the saying " Ethics are like tea, you don't know how strong they until you get them into hot water"??

In other words, what do you do when no one is watching?

I sing, I dance, I pose, I have fun! Yup, I look at myself in the big mirrors!

No surprise, I mean any woman who has been taking pictures of herself for 10 years must have either a hell of a lot of confidence or is just a plain whack job!

These pictures were taken on Tuesday morning, immediately following my GVT, front squats and hamstring curls, without Roy to push me.

Check out the glutes in the picture above, looking firm, round and a nice hamstring/glute tie in, they flow together nicely don't they?

Here you can see the outer sweep of the quad (the vastus lateralis) is more developed than ever before, see it protruding out?

I attempted to get a picture of the vastus medialis (the part right above the inner thigh above the knee) but it's just me and my silly little tripod in the kitchen, I didn't do a very good job. And yes I know that army green doesn't really match gray and purple but I don't care. I love this bra top and have it in all the colors I can find...this is an odd one for sure.

"Kristy's Kage" all set up! I have the 105 pounds on the bar, set to do 10 sets of 10 front squats, trying to hit a time under tension of 50 seconds but I cut it short, I think I was closer to 40. I was super setting with 10 sets of 6 hamstring curls hanging from the slings, with the med ball gripped between my feet. I really don't have time to calculate it all out right now. I am guessing my workout should have lasted 4 to 5 minutes longer than it did - I went 65 minutes. 

I have a 12 pound med ball on the foot stool for the hamstring curls. I tried to use the hard one, the kind you use for upper body movements and I kept dropping it. Roy has a much smaller, heavier one that is squishy. Courtside does not so I used this big one that is great for slamming against walls and floors. I could grip it with my feet better.

My training log. I have to write up a new program this week, incorporating my twice a week training for back and other adjustments I have made for the upcoming show. Right now it's all just scratched out and penciled in. That's fine though, at least I have a plan!

The count of sets! It was 65 minutes of hard work, resting was timed at 90 seconds after each set, I never really caught my breath though. 

There were a few times I thought I could stop, who would know? I WOULD KNOW! It's like cheating on your diet- we all know you did cause you look like you did....

I got that "second wind" as Roy alluded to, right about set #7. I started to feel high, and excited, I could feel the endorphins rushing through.

When I finished I was curled up on my hands and knees, head between my knees on the dirty floor. Exhilarated that I had finished, thrilled that I did it alone, proud that I had pushed myself and shaking with anticipation at the next move up.

Slugged down some fluids and then off to hit the rowing machine for 10 minutes. That's all I could physically do.

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