Sunday, July 17, 2011

11 Weeks Out and 2 Pounds Lighter

Saturday, 11 weeks out till the next competition. I have been adhering to my diet MOST of the time, but since David is off for the month I promised to not diet while we were out together. So I have lost 2 pounds since last Friday. That's only because I haven't been drinking any wine or eating many carbs.

Below is the back comparison of today (11 weeks on the left) and last Saturday (12 weeks on the right). Although the lighting is poor on the right, it is clear that the back is becoming more defined, and everything is pulling in tighter now.

The spinal erectors are becoming more defined with my twice a week back training and soon the "Christmas tree" of the back area will start to show (if training goes well!)

Even the thighs are not touching as much as last week, notice the small space between them?

Front view, the waist is already pulling in, as the lats are wider (believe me, I did not all of a sudden just get a slim waist!), shoulders appear wider, even hips look wider (and they are not) it's all an illusion!

Even the vastus medialis is popping and looking better!

The side pose looks similar, but I can see more definition in the quads now, also upper abs looking more defined. It's interesting how one week and 2 pounds make such a difference isn't it? Notice even the face and neck? The face is slimmer and the jaw has much more definition leading to a slimmer neck, just 2 tiny pounds....

I always have striations in the chest area, and that is not a desirable effect in figure, but I like it. 

Delts are looking more prominent, the roundness is showing of the lateral delt, with the anterior delt even more prominent, I need to work on the posterior delt though (but don't we all?). Intercostals are showing more. See the definition of the medial glutes running down to the quad?

Depending on the type of person you are, you may or may not see the differences. They are dramatic to me, and some may not notice. That's what is interesting about this sport. All of the women (or most) who get up on the stage look fabulous, it is hard to pick a "winner" yet the judges do, and almost instantly. 

A competitor has 3 seconds per pose. Usually it's 3 poses, front, back, side, each at 3 seconds and if the class is large in number, the head judge will shout at you to hurry or mark you down if you linger. All your hard work for seconds of scrutiny.

Alas, today I went wine tasting with David, and had more calories than I should. 

Sometimes, life gets in the way of life, doesn't it?

Actually I had a fabulous time, we went to three wineries and out to lunch. I had skirt steak, potatoes, spring onions and corn. Sounds like a lot but it was at the Cellar Door in Santa Cruz, and an appropriate amount of food, a stunning restaurant I highly recommend! In fact, David was gushing to the chefs about his lunch of grilled Monterey squid, lentils, pork fat confit and baby turnips. We sat at the bar counter, a great place to watch all the chefs in action!

Tuesday we go to Santa Rosa to pick up some new grape vines for our vineyard, and I made lunch reservations at Willi's Wine Bar  so I will have another high calorie/fat/starch day.

But, look what I did in only one week! I have 11 left! Imagine what I can do! Next week won't be much of a change, but after that, each week will be more and more dramatic, and I just have to keep it in control so I don't lose too fast. When I lose body fat too quickly what does my nutritionist recommend? More fish oil! ha ha...I would prefer more peanut butter though, and actually I do both!

We will see what next week brings!

I am interested in hearing about your diet, are you able to do this so quickly too? What has been successful for you? 

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