Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation

I often wonder if there is a day of the week that I just don't like, and I don't think  there is! I do enjoy some more than others though, and Saturday is one of the best for me, myself and I.

I love getting up early, it is quiet and everyone is asleep, the world sleeps in it seems. I was at the gym for 2 & 3/4 hours and it wasn't a shower and steam that ate up that expanse, I just got lost in time there, just doing my thing.

On weekends I definitely train longer than usual, and I also do some cardio after I train. Today I stayed and stretched a lot too. It felt good just to relax and listen to the music.

Find yourself so you can let yourself get lost once in a while.

"Energy is eternal delight." ~ William Blake 

"Action will sometimes be required, but if you're really doing it in line with what the universe is trying to deliver, it's going to feel joyous, you're going to feel so alive, time will just stop, you could do it all day.” ~ Bob Doyle 

“Image creates desire. You will what you imagine." ~ J. G. Gallimore 

“Nothing happens by itself... it all will come your way, once you understand that you have to make it come your way, by your own exertions." ~ Ben Stein 

“Whatever you create in your life you must first create in your imagination.” ~ Tycho Photiou 

“A man may live the way he wants to live when he learns to think what he wants to think.” ~ Christian Larson 

“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.” ~ Anthony Robbins 

"The secret that everyone already knows intuitively within themselves is that we are all whole, complete and perfect as we are, in that we can manifest whatever we choose by simply focusing on what we would like and letting go of everything else." ~ Hale Dwoskin 

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