Wednesday, July 13, 2011

German Volume Training Final Week

I think this is my last week with the front squats, at least for a while. I have adapted, I am not sore, not tight, it's time to hit the legs with something else. Even Saturday after training with Roy at BodyComp Personal Training Gym the previous day, I woke and felt fine. 

Today was 10 sets of 10 front squats @ 105 pounds , resting 90 seconds in between each set. Then I did 10 sets of 10 Good Mornings at 70 pounds, again resting 90 seconds in between.

I don't know what Roy will have me do this coming Friday, but I love surprises! I don't recall ever doing any weight training that I didn't like anyway. I mean, I have experienced a lot of crazy, tough, difficult, heavy, exhaustive stuff, but in the end I loved every minute of it. 

I absolutely love this, my entire body is slick with sweat before I am even halfway through.

It's almost like running a marathon (yes I have done that too), I  wonder "what the hell am I doing??" as I  continue on, I want to stop, but I dare not. I haven't come this far to be a quitter. I will triumph! 

I took these pictures on Tuesday, July 12 right after training. I can see the improvement just by cleaning up my diet for a few days. No snacking, no PEANUT BUTTER, no bread, everything is precisely measured out (except, as I promised David I wouldn't start "The Diet" till the end of the month, I did do a bit of wine tasting with him on the weekend and went out to dinner (steak and vegetables, no potato).

I still amaze myself though at how quickly my body responds to my diet, any diet, good or bad. The pictures I posted on the weekend of me in my competition suit show me as bloated and looking soft, all over. I can easily see the difference here, just by laying off the "extras".

Training log, well I never got around to doing a new one, it's still penciled in with the changes. I have been enjoying my week off from work and have been super busy visiting folks.

I timed the training at 44 minutes and 52 seconds, that does not include my long rest in between the front squats and the good mornings. The week before I didn't think to exclude that. 

These are PLATEmates not PLAYmates...I know what you were thinking! Roy gave me these to add a little weight to my sets, each one weighs a mere 1 1/4 pounds, so one magnet smacked on each side would have made me go up to 107.5 and 72.5 but they didn't adhere to my plates. Courtside's are powder coated, so they just didn't stay as they would on plain cold steel.

I thought of going up with the small 2.5 pound plates instead, but I was suffering from a corneal ulcer, my eye was rather sore and the previous day extremely painful. The whole event always saps my energy (I have an eye condition, so I get these frequently). Anyway, I chose to stick with the lower weights as most people wouldn't have even come in that day. I wanted to feel successful and I was.

I am getting into the grove, my food is back where it needs to be. I am so excited to wake up every single day! 
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