Saturday, July 9, 2011

German Volume Training Week 3 and "The Diet"

Friday! I am off and get to meet Roy to train at noon. I have to stop at Sephora to get a VIB (Very Important Beauty) bonus before they run out first. I am always at work when the emails come out and they never have the special give away by the time I get there. Got it today! YES!

Stopped at Macy's and found the perfect black handbag. It was $169.00 and 25% off. I had another 20% off coupon so I thought I would get it. The thing rings up at $43.00! Today is really my day huh?

It is hot today and Roys' is an open garage space. I was prepared, I never wear much anyway. It would be week three of the GVT, 10 sets of 10 front squats @ 105 pounds and then we are doing 10 sets of 10 Good Mornings at 70 pounds.

Roy comments that my lats are looking big, and they get big fast too, I only recently started working on them. I laugh and told him I know because I tried on a top at Macy's and I couldn't put it over my shoulders, I had to step into it and pull it up over my hips. That's how I like my back!

Sweat is pouring down, I am drenched all over. The 90 second rest in between sets isn't much, and if I could just stand there quietly I would probably be in better shape, but I had a lot to say today.

I don't like the way I am looking at the moment, too soft around the middle. And the funny thing is, a woman at the gym only yesterday told me I was an inspiration to her! We call her "super girl" cause once when no one opened the gym at 5:00 a.m. she hopped the fence in back and let us all in.

She looks great, a tall woman, built and a nice broad back, she is a swimmer. I asked her why I am an inspiration, she said "you are ripped" I am not feeling ripped though, maybe just ripped off.

Let me explain it all. Saturday, the day this will post, will be 12 weeks until my next competition, this is when everyone starts "The Diet". I don't need to because I get too low in bodyfat, my body will kick in once I stick to my plan and I am a fat burning machine (no I do not take fat burners either bad joo-joo.)

I will be taking pictures of myself in my suit every week now, so you and I can see progress. I will go from flabby to fantastic!

I was explaining to Roy that I look my best at precisely 123 pounds, and I am at 127 right now. I compete at 118 to 120. He asked if it was the added muscle. Heck no! It's bodyfat plain and simple! I have been on vacation, enjoying wine, eating with the family, and not on a diet since March 28...

He reminds me to suck in my gut as I do the Good Mornings, see what I mean...I know it's there, and pretending it isn't only hurts myself.

Although I know I will not have a problem losing it all, I still get a nagging feeling in the back of my head, what if one day I can't lose it so early? He doesn't say much, he has never seen me at competition weight so he has no idea if I am telling the truth or just hoping and wishing.

I hold out my hand and pinch the back of the skin and tell him, in 2 months the skin on my stomach will be this thin....

The workout was hard, and I drove home, top down, my shirt now on, soaking wet. Second set of workout clothes soaked today, at 5:00 am I did 50 minutes of cardio. Rowing, stairmill, jump rope. Things are kicking into high gear around this household!

I get home and am whacked, I have to stand at the counter and drink my recovery drink,  I am moving kinda slowly. David has a beautiful salad nicoise with the tuna confit I made, we sit outside to eat and I have a glass of wine.

"Why" I ask him, "When I have a couple glasses of wine a day I get all fat in the middle, and you and everyone else around me does not?!"

David, who has been through all this too many times he even cares to remember says quite matter of factually "Kristy, you are a small woman. A couple pounds on you is very noticeable."

You know, he is right, a couple pounds extra is noticeable, and a few less is even more striking!

I finish lunch then go lay down, I am so tired! I have a pedicure at 3:00 so I have 30 minutes to rest.

I have my pedicure, rest in the chair and decide I will be fine, absolutely fine. 

Bring on THE DIET!

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