Sunday, July 3, 2011

Illuminated Keyboard

I drive David crazy...with my typing. 

My computer is in the living room, so the big screen TV (which I have no idea how to operate, seriously) is right behind me. David will sit on the couch and try to watch TV while I tip, tap, type away all night long...


Today he went to Fry's and bought me the quietest, illuminated keyboard he could find.  I thought the illuminated part was a waste of money. 

But it is now dark, and my keyboard is all lit up! I love it!

And it has a great BIG delete key too! ha ha ha

He was in the kitchen on his laptop (Mac) and I sent him an email..."can you hear me typing?" I asked...."No" he said "Type away!".

I have vowed not to eat my egg whites while least for a while. I think they got stuck in the old keyboard. Yuck!
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