Saturday, July 23, 2011

Look Like a Model?

I went to visit my father for a couple days, and of course still needed to go to the gym. I am quite familiar with the gym and in fact I like it quite a bit. The only issues I have are 1) it's 13 miles away and 2) there are no towels (I always end up forgetting mine the second day since I have to hang it out to dry.)

I just set my cell phone alarm for "butt crack of dawn" as David says and then go train, and shower and am home just after or even before everyone else is up! That way I do my thing, and don't disturb anyone else.

Too mnay people have excuses for not exercising, but travel is probably the number one and frankly, I think they are whiners and babies. There are gyms everywhere, or there are parks, there is a pool, there is something you can do!

This last visit I saw some women setting up several tables and signs, they were placing posters all over, getting ready for a big event. I thought it was rather odd, as it's not a big city, so it must be some "cardio-a-thon" or something silly like that.

I finished my training and by then all of the posters were hung, and this is what the huge event was:

They would be auditioning for a TV reality show! Interesting I thought, as I don't think I have ever seen any "model" material in the gym...but I suppose they need to go somewhere to stay so skinny.

I surveyed the requirements and the first was "Must be 5'7" or taller"...that counts me out right off the bat! 

I hopped in the shower (I didn't forget my towel this day) and then leisurely dressed and applied my make-up. 

I came out to quite a long line of young women. I was shocked as I looked around, they were not only tall, but very, very skinny. Very unhealthy looking and in my mind, not attractive at all.

I find it very sad that we as a group tend to think that emaciated, underfed, skinny women with fake breasts and sunken hollow cheekbones are the epitome of beauty.

I walked out thankful that I have the muscles I have, that I work everyday to make them grow and eat a healthy diet so that I can look like this:

Ha Ha! My friend Mark came over on Tuesday to borrow Moby, he wanted me to hang sheet rock with him, but I really am not so strong that I can support 120 pound sheets on the ceiling while he screws them in. 

He had made this at home and handed it to me, telling me I was in the latest Muscle and Fitness (men)....I think he was trying to convince me I was stronger than I am.

Oh, and this person needs to shave their arms....yuck!

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