Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friday's Training with Roy

I think I must have been born with an Olympic bar on my back! I do honestly think my favorite exercise is anything with that big, long, cold, 45 pound bar!

These pictures were taken Saturday morning, immediately after training, before food and coffee. You can compare them to the pictures I posted on Sunday to see what a dramatic difference the food makes.

In these I look tight and really lean, whereas the pictures after eating I look pretty soft. Keep that in mind when you are getting your body "beach ready" as they say.

I know when I really start losing the body fat because people at the club comment. Today I saw Tom, he said "You must be getting ready for something, you are looking really lean"...yup, he's right.  He looked me up and down and said "You are really vascular, this is new, not like you usually look. What's different this time?" I find it interesting that this man, and many others feel comfortable enough around me to do that. I mean they actually look up and down and comment. I encourage it, I want them to tell me, it's not personal nor is is sexual, it is constructive criticism on the progress of "The Body". It just happens to be my body. I need the feedback, I stare it it so much, I lose sight of reality. My vision gets skewed.

We talked a bit about training and diet, what I am doing differently, he is going to Hawaii soon and is trying to tighten up and he explained his current diet.

I told him to ditch the fruit. No fruit when dropping body fat, fructose is probably one of the worst things for it!

I have maintained at the 2 pound drop, and had three meals that are not "competition prep approved". One more at the wedding (or maybe the rehearsal dinner too) and then I am officially killin' it!

Friday Roy and I worked on Good Mornings first then back squats. He took some video I think, or pictures, I guess when he sends them to me you will see them too!

We then tried his modified Glute Ham Raise, I told David about it and he was horrified. I will try anything once though, and if it doesn't kill me and I like it, I will do it over and over again. Life is too damn short to worry about getting hurt. I have a better chance of getting hit by a bus than hurting myself training, and I already broke a rib doing it so I used up my quota.

I couldn't even do the exercise and he says with a bit of enthusiasm "We got our exercise for next week!"....I am looking forward to it.

Squats are great for the whole body and not enough women do them. Most women I see squatting don't go heavy enough or low enough. And I am learning that they aren't doing them with proper form either! Actually, most people don't use proper form as they are so intent on loading on the weight, they sacrifice form for weight, then the exercise is basically useless. Well, it is a good way to hurt yourself I guess.

And women are the ones so stressed about their big 'ol butts! Squatting will only make that flabby butt into a tight butt. Nothing worse than a flabby, flat butt...

And Good Mornings? For the hamstrings....when you stand sideways, you really want to see a nice big bulge in the back of the leg, above the knee, and then a bigger one when you get to the glutes...You gotta work the hammies!

I have really enjoyed training with Roy and feel fortunate to have found him. He listens to what I want and then makes sure I do it right! Couldn't be better huh? I also like the fact that he respects my opinion and experiences and doesn't have an air of "I am the Trainer, you are the Trainee"...we are in it together. I think I can always learn from others, and I know I have a lot to offer too. People learn from me everyday!

Check out the back! The "back fat" is dwindling away...very quickly too. I guess it's the curse of the 50 year old body or something. I always said I look best at 123 pounds and I am at 125 now.

Lets' compare pictures when I lose 2 more pounds shall we? I will wear the exact same clothes too!

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