Sunday, July 3, 2011

All My Men in One Day

I am happy, I mean wouldn't you be if your butt and legs looked like this? I started working with Roy a couple months ago and my initial goal was legs, get 'em big, get 'em strong. Big quads and full round hamstrings. It's working!

And the butt, it looks great! Stacey saw me this morning and remarked "your legs are getting huge! And your butt is one big round muscle!"

Friday we did German Volume Training, front squats again, but he said we would superset this time with hamstring curls. Not your regular ones laying on a machine, but ones using the squat rack. 

The curls are performed by hanging from the harnesses most folks slip their arms into to do ab work, then a med ball is gripped with my feet (10 pounds) and the glutes contracted, then squeezed tight and the ball is brought up to my butt, well as far up as I can get it.

Up fast and lowered slowly, count of four. Roy said if I maintain a tight core I won't swing and he is right. 

So, still at the 100 pound front squats, we will be doing 10 sets of 10 again, 90 second rest superset with 10 sets of 6 hamstring curls. 

Halfway through Roy says "Hey halfway done! Last week you were done at this time" I was a little blown away, I didn't see how I could really only be halfway through, but I quickly got over it and remembered I love doing this, but it is hard sometimes!

He said on Tuesday I need to do the same, but I should go up to 105 pound front squats (and remember, that's 100 of them) and switch to a 12 pound med ball.

Then I zipped home, met David and off to get my hair done at Atelier Aveda Lifestyle Salon. Natalia was going to give me an express blowout, a keratin treatment to straighten my hair for a couple months, she is wonderful and does a great job, I think my hair looks pretty cool in the picture above doesn't it?

While I was there Karie Bennett, founder of Atelier stopped by and chatted with me, Natalia does her hair too!

Then we topped by Yankee Pier for a bottle of Martanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc, and some ceviche. All wines by the bottle are half price in the month of July.  All of Lark Creek restaurants offer this and it's great to sit in the sun and sip the wine as we watch the Ferraris cruise by. 

I finally told David, I will be competing on October 1. I wasn't quite sure how he would react, it's hard on him, harder on him than me I think and I don't want to be selfish.

He toasted me and said he was happy! Very happy that I took a year off, happy that I relaxed and gave myself time, happy that I am doing one show.

I promised not to start the diet till July 31, that way we can enjoy our time off. I will have 9 weeks which really is enough for me, I stay fairly lean year round and I tend to lose way too much body fat if I diet too long. 

We finished our wine, wandered around then off to get Cooper and Adam to go to Henry's Hi-Life for dinner, the boys love it. Actually, all men love this place, it's a very manly restaurant.

As soon as we got off the freeway, The Turtle fell apart (that's what I call David's mini, all our cars have names). A belt broke, coolant was spewing and a horrendous noise could be heard. We coasted right to a parking space and got out to survey the damage.

Luckily, Henry's was close by so we hoofed it to dinner, ordered a martini and had a great time. Prime rib all around except me, I had the ribs. When we finished we called AAA. Two trucks arrived quick quickly.

The small one took the boys home, then the flatbed took The Turtle, me and David to BR Racing, the guys who repair all of our automobiles.

Cooper zipped over in The Sweet Little GTI (his car) and took us home.

I realized I have been in two different tow trucks in one week! Quite the adventure. 
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