Friday, July 29, 2011

Dave's Tuna and Santa Cruz

This was a blog I wrote a few weeks ago and for some reason found it sitting in my drafts! So, I would not be doing this on a diet....ha ha no way! Although its a little late, its still a great story.

David and I went over to Santa Cruz not long ago, we wanted to go have the deep fried calamari at Aldo's. Years ago we would come here quite often, we owned a sailboat and so were here just about every weekend. 

We had a great time sitting in the sun, eating and laughing. As you can see by the picture above, it's not a fancy place, in fact, if you go to the "fanciest" restaurant at the harbor you will be right across from this place, behind glass windows paying a fortune, and probably eating frozen fish...Aldo's also has huge wonderful breakfast served late...

I started in on my calamari, they catch it on their own boat and clean it right there, it's the freshest you can get.  I looked at David and told him I felt sick, I don't recall the last time I ate this. He laughed and said the same, we decided we just cannot eat the deep fried stuff like this any longer.

We had a glass of wine and I looked at the small menu on the table. I couldn't figure out what they were trying to convey.

I asked him if the letters and numbers were the "coordinates" of where the wines were from, you know, since it is a nautical theme. He almost spit his wine in my face laughing so hard. Talk about being blond! It was the price! G=glass B-bottle.

I laughed at myself too.

Afterward we stopped at Dave's Gourmet Albacore. Here is a picture of the canned products they sell. I have been eating Dave's tuna for years. Dave's employs the most ecologically responsible methods available to harvest his seafood. 

The process of harvesting both Dave's Gourmet Salmon and Albacore are among the most primitive and discretionary methods when it comes to selecting the best! Dave's standards are strictly hook & line, also referred to as 'Trolling'. This technique allows fishermen to hand select and properly store each fish to insure freshness and purity. 

In overseeing quality and care from the ocean's catch to the delight of the eater, Dave's high standards demand only the best hook & line seafood from his fleet. Dave's fishing fleet covers an area of stretch from Big Sur to Alaska.  

Dave's wife, Krista sells at the Campbell's farmers market, so I can pick up some great tuna every week. Some of our favorites though are the albacore loins they sell. Beautiful, thick loins of sweet albacore. I picked up a couple in the freezer section, I will take them home and make my own tuna, tuna confit. I will post my recipe later, complete with pictures.

If you eat tuna, you deserve to eat the best and treat your body right. The smoked albacore is a treat, I open a can and gently flake apart the huge chunks, then top it on a salad.

Stop by Dave's and give them a try!
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