Friday, July 22, 2011

Observations of a Dog


July, David and Cooper are off so I am along for the ride a lot! This is our road to Santa Rosa to pick up grapevines. This is also my "Last Meal"......before "The Diet".

Actually I lie, David will be performing a wedding at the end of the month, and as the spouse of the "guy performing the wedding", I get to go along! I love weddings! David is not a minister or anything like that, we call him "Deacon Dave" because anyone can perform weddings, you just need a license. Apparently the teachers who work for him like him to do this, so I go to the weddings as his cute sidekick.

Anyway, today stared with leg day, it was back squats with proper form...not very impressive as far as weight but I sure looked like I knew what I was doing! 

I warmed up with 2 sets of 10, Olympic bar only then did 8 sets of 10 at 95 pounds, slowly...I think I really should move up a bit, we will see how the form looks Friday. Seems to me that I shouldn't have been able to do that many sets if it was heavy enough. Then 10 sets of 10 Good Mornings. 

I was a sight! I had my gymboss set at 50 seconds strapped to my top on the left, ipod strapped to my top on the right, and made sure my time under tension was about 50 seconds. Hit the stopwatch for a 90 second rest in between, and realized I had the power rack for 45 minutes. A guy walks up as I am resting on my itty bitty stool and says "mind if I use your equipment a minute?" oops....

Rowed 10 minutes, stairmill 20 minutes then off for the road trip!

First stop, as David has learned...bathroom. I am not a very good traveler, always need to stop. But we discovered a great taco truck as we searched out a bathroom for me.

David loves taco trucks, I do too, but not now...I was a voyeur this morning. 

The next stop (after yet another bathroom break) was Willi's Wine Bar in Santa Rosa. We haven't picked up the vines yet, we needed to eat first! It was a beautiful setting, reminded me of Provence. 

So what does "Observations of a Dog" mean anyway? That's what I call the passenger on a road trip. One person drives, and the other is "The Dog", they just sit and stare out the window, like a dog!

I was "The Dog" today. We took MyRedRocket (my car) because it's an automatic and convertible, so this dog had fun in the sun. I observed some interesting billboards and they resonated with me.

Here is David's first course, grilled Monterey Bay sardines, salsa verde and homemade chips. He loves this stuff...

Back to the billboards. I saw two from Prudential that I really like.

Tomorrow Starts Today

What that says to me, is why wait until tomorrow when you can do it today? Anything! A diet, a book, a phone call, a new training program, anything. Think about it. Why wait? It's easy to keep saying "tomorrow, tomorrow".

I started with Ahi tuna tartare..raw fish with fish eggs and some herbs. Yum!

The other billboard was this:

With Progress Come Challenges

Yes, I am quite familiar with this, but I am not a person who fears a challenge, I welcome challenges! Do you? It's easy to be safe and unfazed and challenge free, if you don't do anything new. How boring...

If you want to progress you will need to face a challenge or two! That comes with the territory.

David then had Moroccan lamb with mint pesto and preserved lemon couscous. 

We have a joke: "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean"....yup, I ate the bones clean! After David ate the meat off the chops that is.

Real clean.....

The last billboard that this dog observed?

Don't Be Afraid To Ask

For advise, help, anything. Reach out to people you think can mentor you, people whose opinion you value, whose knowledge you trust. It might be a co-worker, a person in the gym, a nutritionist, an online coach.

Feel free to ask me anything...

Tomorrow Starts Today

With Progress Come Challenges

Don't Be Afraid To Ask