Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 5 to Competition (Week 5 of Diet)

5 down and 5 to go! I had my moments and I feel good now, I feel like I am on track. These pictures were taken on Saturday, and then on Sunday morning when I stepped on the scale I saw that I dropped down to 122 pounds, which means I lost 2 pounds this last week.

I texted Roy and told him he needed to keep an eye on me now, I don't want to get too lean. He said I looked fine in upper body and legs, but still had some "love handles" to lose....

Check out the legs! I can see more and more quad definition every single week, I am so excited I cannot contain myself!

You can see the shoulders look good, and I am looking "harder", this is what I want. I don't want anything to look "soft", no squishy stuff. 

My arms look full, hard and vascular. I am still working on rounding out the shoulders more, but I have 4 weeks left. Did you know you do not train the last week? You still diet though! ha ha 

The back is there and the glutes will harden up with more fat loss and of course when I drop water intake, that makes everything look tighter. Damn suit bottom, I didn't glue it like I said I would, see it all pinched on the right? I hate these things!

Side view looks better, stomach is flattening out.

 Now this side view is not as good, I have to practice the posing more.  

You can see the lack of bodyfat in the entire chest and upper body, and this area never worries me, what does is the abdominal and glute areas, so when I finally lose enough there, my face and upper arms may look too lean, but not necessarily. This time I have lost quite a bit and my face doesn't look so gaunt.

My face actually looks about normal here, usually at this stage I have lost so much fat in my face that the nasolabial folds are quite pronounced. When the folds are really deep it makes you appear much older.

I feel pretty good! Hungry, but good!