Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gym Lock

I remember years ago when I saw a van driving around and it sad "Blind Cleaning" on the side. I asked David  "Wow- how can they come in and clean an unfamiliar house when they are blind?" duh....he explained they cleaned BLINDS, window blinds, boy that was a blond moment.

I have a new gym lock that could be used by a blind person, a sight impaired person, or someone like me, who needs reading glasses.

I will never be without a lock like this again!

Gold's has lockers and you need to bring your own lock, so I had to go buy one. I was troubled, I cannot see those itty-bitty teeny tiny numbers without my contact in. Yes, I wear only one. I have what is called mono-vision. I need glasses or contacts for reading only, so I have a contact in the left eye (the reader) and nothing in the right eye (the distance viewer), and together, I can see far and read! ha ha!

I don't wear my contact to the gym though, I don't want to have it in for 14 hours a day, so fumbling with a regular combination lock doesn't work well, and I don't want to have a key to drop and lose.

Enter the Master Speed Dial lock!

Notice it has no numbers? You can program it to do whatever you like to make it open, and you can operate it in the dark or with your eyes closed (I tried) . You simply push the middle round center ball up, down, to the left or to the right. Your "combination could be 4 right, 5 left, 4 up, 5 down and voila! Opens!

I recommend this for anyone who has trouble with small things, older folks (gosh, I am 51 now), or just someone who wants something fun!

It's red to match MyRedRocket (my car), but it comes in black and blue. 

If you want to read what lock geeks have to say about it, here is Lock Picking 101 on these locks.