Sunday, April 22, 2012

B-12, Adjustments and Burgers

Saturday, Squat day! My alarm was set for 5:00am and I woke up ready to go at 4:30, so out of bed I hopped. It would be a great day, I was looking forward to it. I am still at 121 pounds and I want to hold there just a bit longer, last competition I was at 118 and my bodyfat was way too low, I have gained lean mass, so I should not get down there again or I am losing muscle.

I will drop a pound the last week. 

Roy met me at Gold's Gym and I showed him all of the unfamiliar equipment and he told me what I should use and what I shouldn't. There is so much stuff there, it was very helpful to go thorough it and get his opinion.

After training Roy and I went to see Dr. Leahy who was having a client appreciation day. We each got a free adjustment, he did something else to Roy's back and A.R.T on my ankles again. Then Dr. Josh gave us free B-12 shots (in the butt, boy it's been a long time since I had that!) and I had LED treatment on my neck to boost my immune system.

I am anxious to see how I feel after the B-12. Dr Josh said I can come in and have one every week and it is amazingly inexpensive! 

Dr. Leahy asked me to take off my shoes. "You mean my very undercover wallflower shoes?" I asked. He chuckled and said "I think those socks were made just for those shoes too!"

I like pink and yellow together....

Then the highlight of the day, Roy and I went to The Counter in Santana Row for a burger! Some folks have a "cheat" meal every week throughout their competition prep. I don't, I had one on April 11 and then this one, I most likely will not have another. I had to as I was dropping weight too fast and getting too skinny is just as bad as being too soft, you have to come in at the perfect weight and bodyfat for your frame (much easier said than done folks!)

I told Roy he could not eat until I took some pictures, he was hungry, I could tell, but he smiled politely for the camera. It was 95 degrees out and the doors and windows were open, I think we were sweating on the food. 

I told Roy he would have to bear with me as I took pictures for my blog and he laughed and said "OK, I have never seen you in action." He waited patiently. 

My perfect burger. Red onion, dill pickles, chopped lettuce, sprouts and cheddar cheese, on a bun.

Did you read that?


The waitress had them made nice and rare, Roy is showing me the blood soaking into the bun, lovely! 

Now he's so famished he is about to eat it with no hands, cause he is waiting for me to take my pictures and the fries weren't there yet.

 Fries. Sweet potato fries and garlic parmesan. Together, touching, amazing.  See Roy getting his napkin? He's had enough of the picture thing I think. 

 Happy, happy, happy. The food was good. 

We both ate our burgers, 2/3 pound ones! Fries were not touched much, we indulged a bit, just enough to eat all the crispy cheesy parts off the top. The sweet potato fries were stellar though. I will get those again for sure. 

Now I wait and watch to see how long it takes me to respond to this meal and fill out, to help me plan my pre competition meal in two weeks. My last 'cheat" I looked best between 20 and 30 hours later, I want to see if I do the same, then I know I have it all dialed. in.

Sunday morning, when you read this it's Back and Biceps. And 14 days to go!