Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Movie Star

"Hello Movie Star!" That's what David said to me the other night when I walked in the door from training with Roy and he handed these to me. The flowers were not for any special occasion.

But, today is a special occasion, it is my birthday, I am 51 years old, and some days I really do feel like a movie star.

And others...well we won't talk about those!

I look back and realize that I started my "fitness" journey when I was just turning 40, I wanted to change how I looked, and I sure did. Nothing happened overnight, nothing was easy, I slowly lost some of the fat I wanted to rid myself of, and I just as slowly learned what form of exercise I liked. 


Weight training can and will transform your body and your mind. Running will too, but you won't have arms like mine! 

It is important to decide what you want your physique to look like, and then train for that. Wanna be straight, lean and skinny looking? Run non stop.

Want solid, firm, feminine muscles? Then lift weights. And don't tell me you are worried about getting "too big and bulky"...Do you know how hard I try to get bigger? It is not easy, not easy at all. You cannot get "big" without massive amounts of proper food and drugs, you do not have the testosterone necessary to do that. 

Sure, I know many people who believe I am way too muscular, and they are certainly entitled to their opinion. (wrong as it may be)

Maybe you want muscles but not as big as mine? Well that should be fairly easy, I am in the gym 7 days a week, and three of those days I am there twice a day. So....maybe you can lift 5 days a week? 3? It will make a difference, I guarantee it.

Nutrition- that is a huge part of this metamorphosis. Proper nutrition, along with learning nutrient timing is key, in fact, I lifted for a very long time and never made it over that hump until I started eating properly. It takes time to become second nature though, it takes years.

I have been lifting now for 10 years, and eating properly for about half that length of time, and I am very happy I have embarked on this, it has become my life, it's part of my everyday routine and always will be. 

I look better than I did at 40, maybe even 30. And I plan to keep lifting and learning for as long as I am able.

Find your passion, you are never too old to start!