Sunday, April 15, 2012


You know what I really worry about when I am dieting for a competition? 

My Butt!

This is my typical "hit the treadmill" attire when I am at home, and I can keep an eye on the butt in the full wall mirror in the guest room.

There are two things to worry about and they are complete opposites so that's why I always worry.  I want a tight set of glutes, and a large set of glutes. 

I am lucky, I have a nice butt, I mean genetically. It's round, full, rides pretty darn high and I don't have saddlebags. Of course, I have practically no hips to speak of and I suppose this all goes hand in hand, but I am happy with my "gift"

In Figure, you want a nice, tight, smooth, hard transition from the hamstring to the glute, no "cheeks" , no "smileys", no "saggy skin". Your glutes really don't end up looking like real glutes, but one long muscle.

So this means you need to lose pretty much all your fat, and.....butts are typically "fat". I do realize that glutes are the biggest muscle on the body, but they seems to be covered in a  nice layer of fat.

My goal: Lose the 'smileys" and make one tight transition, while keeping the size and roundness of the glutes...see? Lose fat and keep size...

Fat and no fat. Not quite sure why I think it's possible, but I see other women do it so why can't I?            

SC used to check my bodyfat all the time, usually once a month but when I was getting close to a competition, we went to once a week. My lower glute would range form a high of 20 cm all the way down to 6 cm! The typical bodyfat was at a reading of 8 cm when I competed. 

I have no idea where it is now, I don't really need to check it constantly, as I always get way too lean anyway.  I do think checking it on a regular basis is important for folks who are making big changes and need to see the results, see some improvement, but in my case, I just chug along on the same track I have been on many times before. 

How are the glutes coming? We are not at 10 cm yet! ha ha

Still working on it!