Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 3 to Competition (week 7 of diet)

I got butterflies in my stomach when I typed the post title. 3 weeks! Oh my goodness, it has gone so incredibly fast, I am feeling rushed now, like I'm not ready. Time is supposed to drag on, I am supposed to suffer endlessly and whine and complain. I don't think I did! I think I was too busy to even think about it all, good thing I have done this many times before!

I got a great laugh taking these pictures, David and Cooper weren't home so I was alone and the doorbell rings. I walk over in my heels, carrying the camera and open the door to a very astonished man. "I was just taking pictures" I said, like he would have ANY idea what on earth I was talking about. He wanted to sell me something but quickly changed his mind, he really couldn't speak. He left quickly. 

I am at the stage where I feel "small", I have lost a lot of bodyfat and I look flat and stringy because my muscles are not full of glycogen, and full muscles are happy muscles. It's temporary, as soon as I start eating my starches I will fill out. I had a "cheat meal" on April 11, it was a plate FULL of gnocchi and sausage and cream, I looked great 20 to 30 hours later!

I weighed 3 pounds more the following day due to all the glycogen and water in my muscles, then the next day I was back down to my same eight of 121, right where I was before my cheat meal. 

Below, I think the front looks good, once I cut my water things all tighten up.

The "smileys" on my lower glutes are just about gone! Yahoo! The back is fine, it's always fine.

Finally the stomach is flattening, I have been practicing posing differently, Monique met with me and suggested some changes, so I am going with her expert advise! Leaving the arm hang loosely at my side, it does look better. 

This side pose needs some work, I will practice every single day now. 

 I am feeling more comfortable here, legs look good too!

This side pose looks better, my stomach looks flatter, the hair, it's a mess though! I have been cooking and cleaning all day, and worked all Saturday so it wasn't much of a weekend.

Tuesday will be another cheat meal I think, I have to make sure I don't drop lower, I do not want to go below 120 and I could see the huge scale at the gym was closer to 120 than 121 this morning.