Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Abs and Veins

I am dropping the fat, I ate a half hour on Saturday afternoon before this was taken, and look how vascular my stomach is. I have more fat to lose though, and hopefully some of the muscle will show after I drop all the fat!

I like veins, I  like vascularity, but the judges don't like it in Figure. They want it for Bodybuilding, but not my sport. I don't care, I like the look year round!

Seriously though, if you are new to this competition thing, just know that vascularity is a much sought after look for the Bodybuilders, but too much on a  Figure gal and you get scored lower. 

How do you stop it? Well, I think more people struggle just to get some vascularity than struggle to get rid of it. To get vascular you need to have the right combination of super low body fat; you cannot be retaining or "holding" water under the skin and...genetics.

You must be consuming the right diet, which is high protein, low complex carbs and low fat. So once you achieve your body fat goal, you need to stick to this diet to stay vascular.

Training is very important, you need to lift heavy to develop vascularity and some say that your blood pressure will increase vascularity so many people take nitric oxide supplements when they train, this engorges the veins with blood. 

When competing, you will see many women with vascular arms, particularly the shoulder and deltoid area, I think and this looks great. I like it on the abs too, and the calves.

I tend to be fairly vascular and I think that is because I have year round low body fat, I maintain the diet I described above most of the time and I stay away from foods that cause me to retain water. I drink a lot of water too, water in, water out!

I am still looking for the ever elusive 6 pack, but for now, these (almost- in two weeks) 51 year old abs look pretty darn good I think!