Friday, April 13, 2012

Reader Survey

I get a lot of feedback, some great, some not so great. I am interested in everything you have to say, really!

I have been writing this for two years now, I have published 750 blog posts! The very first was on April 6, 2010. I have between 400 to 500 hits a day, with a very low bounce rate.

My blog has morphed, it has changed, I have changed. 

I am considering making some changes but really wanted to gather some feedback first.

I started writing for myself, but I have met so many wonderful people through my blog and it has offered many opportunities to me. Although I will always write for myself, I would like to make sure I am giving people what they want to read about too.

I started out writing about how to lose body fat, but it really has become more of living life  in a healthy, physically demanding, competitive and fun loving way. It's about incorporating the "norm" while accomplishing the outrageous. 

It's about being happy, proud, demanding, hedonistic and confident.

I suppose, it's about me.

But I know I have helped many people accomplish their goals, or at least I have helped to kick start them. I want to keep doing that, I want to see more and more people strutting around feeling good!

I have a very short, 8 question survey that I would really love for you to complete, with all honesty and openness (as much as you can with multiple choice! ha ha) 

There are a few questions you can type away to your hearts content though!

Thank you!

Survey will close Friday, April 27, 2012