Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 Weeks to Competition (week 8 of diet)

I am so close I can taste it! My body is going through so much right now it is rather bi-polar I am afraid. One minute it looks tight and hard, the next, soft and flabby. I am a bit nervous as I am hell-bent on not getting as low in body fat as I did in October, but I keep looking at myself and wondering if I am losing enough fat. I really cannot lose much more and I have hydro-static bodyfat testing on Wednesday so I am really anxious to see how it compares to October, especially as I am up a few pounds. 

At lunch on Saturday I told Roy that David said I was bigger than he had ever seen me. He said my legs were 'huge" and my shoulders "massive". Well...I don't see this, none of it. It doesn't mean I don't believe him, but my head and my eyes don't. 

Roy looked at me and said "You really don't see that?" "No, I don't. I can't, I have been looking at it all way too long and too intensely, that's why I need someone else to tell me".

It's the screwy games that your head plays when you fixate on something like this for so long. 

I have smileys again, they weren't here last week! I am guessing it is due to the cheat meal I had at a restaurant, lots of sodium in there, so I am holding onto a lot of excess water. It will be gone in a couple days. 

I am much more comfortable with my side pose, I do prefer my arm hanging down lose instead of crooked back, as Monique said "Don't worry, they can still see your butt no matter where your hand is".

Stomach looks pretty flat here too. 

Roy and I are now working a bit more on rounding out the shoulders, the front seems a bit flat. 

I never seem to have issues with my rear delts, so many people do, but mine always seem nice and developed. 

Two weeks, I am ready, it feels like it went by way too fast. But, I am also ready for the after party. And I know how to party! 

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