Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's On! 

This is always a big day for me, it solidifies everything, it confirms my commitment and it's a huge milestone for me. What the heck am I talking about anyway?

registration for the competition! 

I know it all seems rather silly to go through all this when there are more important things going on in the world, but we all have our hobbies and passions right? This happens to be one of mine.

So many people say they will enter a competition, so many train for them, so many diet. Not that many actually end up on stage. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, patience, hunger, stamina, focus, support, rest, and, last but not least: money!

It costs a lot of money to try to win a small plastic gold trophy of a half-naked woman you know!

I already renewed my annual membership in the National Physique Committee (NPC), that is the sponsoring organization that holds the competitions, and the annual fee is $100.00. I got my membership card in the mail already at the start of the year.

Today (Sunday) I made my hotel reservations $89.00 plus tax. I only stay the night before, registration and tanning occur then so you really need to. I will drive home about midnight the evening of the event, I just want to take a long, hot shower, eat and get in my own bed then. Of course that will be after a few glasses of real champagne with David, and some pinot noir with my big juicy steak sandwich on sourdough bread.

I paid for my spray on tan and the touch up back stage, along with glaze before going on stage, that was another $130.00.

I paid my registration for the competition, and it is $90.00 per class. I compete in two classes- Masters 50+ and Unlimited, which is all ages and is grouped my height, so my fees were double! $180.00. I also got one ticket for the finals for David, add another $35.00.

So, before taxes, and not including my suit or food I need to prepare and bring, the night costs me $534.00, it's not cheap!

You can see these things add up when you also consider the personal training, gym memberships, supplements, copious amounts of food...!

But why is doing this so significant to me? It means I believe in myself, I know I will be ready, I am on track to succeed.

You would not believe the number of people I see the night of the competition standing there to pay their annual NPC fee, and to pay the registration for the show (and there is a $40.00 late fee for registering at the show too). Not only does this create a huge wait for the rest of us, but what does that say about their own confidence about their abilities? Why did they wait until the very last minute to register? Because they knew they could drop out at any time and not lose any money then, that's why. They weren't committed.

Me? I could not have committed to anything more than this! There is no backing out now! It helps me just that much more along the way, along the journey that is coming to an end!