Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Pro Women's Physique

This past weekend was the 2012 Desert Muscle Classic, which included the first "Pro" Women's Physique competition. 

There is a great deal of controversy in the "Bodybuilding" community about the results, a lot of people have taken it very personally.

Women's Physique (WP) is the brand new division that I decided I wanted to move to this year, and not too long ago I decided I would hold off another year, to see how things progressed. Based on what I saw at this show, I may never move into that division, but it is still young and changes will definitely be seen.

For now, I am staying in Figure, but my eye is still on WP to see what the future holds. 

What I like about WP is the fact that there is a routine to music, it requires more from the competitor than just standing around looking good. It also commands more muscle, I like a more muscular look. Plus, you don't have to wear the ridiculous 5 inch Lucite heels (Yes, they are required in Figure!)

Dana Linn Bailey was the first woman to win her pro card in WP. I have always admired her physique, it is what I strive for, I like her look and conditioning.

Dana has never placed well in Figure, yet she never wavered and always stayed true to her own goals. When WP came along, she was exactly right, winning the first pro card issued, hands down.

At the latest show though, she came in 4th! Above is a picture of the winners. As you look at it, Dana Linn Bailey is on the left (4th); next to her is Jillian Reville (3rd); Karina Nascimento (1st); and Marilena Echohawk (2nd).

In looking at this picture, I think the 4th and 3rd place physiques are without a doubt better than the 1st and 2nd, but obviously the judges did not agree. In my opinion, the top two look like Bodybuilders. For some reason, I didn't think they were looking to award Bodybuilders - I mean we already have a Bodybuilding division, so I am confused. 

According to the judges, Dana Linn Bailey was "too hard and showed too much conditioning" for the look they are after.  For those of you who are not sure what this means - she was too ripped. "Hard" is the look of tight skin over full muscle, no layer of fat between, rippling muscle. "Conditioning" is the overall look of low bodyfat, striations, separation of muscle groups, dehydration, in other words, how much you have worked to get to this amazing "condition".

I have always been told my conditioning was perfect- except in one show, and honestly, my conditioning was the same as it always had been, so I didn't take that comment  seriously. I pride myself in my ability to get into top condition, to lose the fat, and not retain any water, it's not easy. 

Although I am disappointed, I just have to sit back and watch how things progress, and I know there will be changes. When they first introduced the Bikini division, it took the judges about a year to actually come to a solid decision on what "the look" was, and it is definitely not the same as Figure, there is a clear delineation. I want to be able to see a clear delineation between Figure and WP too.

In the mean time, I will keep on training and aiming to be as hard and conditioned as possible.