Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lunch Containers

Seems like I am always in search of the "perfect" food containers. I eat several times a day, I am always toting food everywhere I go, and I have an aversion to those disposable plastic containers.

My search is over! I just found these 3 cup Pyrex leak proof storage containers at Target. They are glass, my preferred material, and the lid has a great seal that ensures no liquid spills out, even when tipped. There is a vent on the top to pop the whole thing in the microwave and the lid is BPA free! 

The whole thing can go in the dishwasher. Above you can see one open with my meal- 4 ounces tilapia, 4 ounces Soo-Foo and 1 cup broccoli. Above it is another with the lid on.

I bought four of these and David immediately tried to claim one. Sorry- no way! I told him I would go buy more so he could use some too.

They can be used in the refrigerator for left over storage or for lunches on the go, the size and shape are absolutely perfect! 

Below I have one on my food scale, another reason why I like glass, I can weigh my food right into the container I choose to use for my lunch.

Seriously- go get some of these containers!