Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 8 to Competition (week two of diet)

Week two of the diet and I have 8 weeks to go. My weight is right where it was last Sunday, 125. I am not concerned, it dropped down lower (124.6) and is now back up, I do fluctuate and in looking back at my previous years posts this is exactly what happens each time. Plus, never forget that it takes time to put bodyfat on, so it also takes time to take it off!

I am pleased with how I am coming along though, my skin seems to be tightening up and although I am at the same weight, I look better. I feel like I look more muscular, and regardless of whether I am or not, I appear more muscular and that's all that matters! This leads me to believe I am not losing the weight too quickly, because when I lose it fast, my hard earned muscle comes off with the fat. I was afraid at first that this new diet was way too low in calories for me but I found I could manipulate it a bit by adding in beef instead of fish on occasion, or 1 Tbsp. peanut butter in a post training shake on a particularly rough day.

It only means I make a few adjustments since every competition prep is different, it's never exactly the same. I will add in a bit more cardio, not much, but I will not be reducing calories any further.

I see my waist coming in still, and quads coming out! Perfect! Roy and I have started in on the medial delts again they pop quickly on me. It's not that they disappeared, they just haven't been a focus so with only a little attention, they come right out.

The back is already starting to show more detail, I am training Back twice a week again. The glutes make me smile, the tie in looks fairly tight and smooth so when the bodyfat is gone it should all look fairly impressive.

The fat in the lower abs is still there, but that is to be expected.  Whatever you do, don't get all worked up if you go a week without much change. The body strives to maintain a state of homeostasis, so you have to make periodic adjustments to diet and energy expenditure. 

I do like how the hip abductor looks, the roundness of the glute and the tightness of the abductor form the small 'indent" on the sides (as opposed to flabby saddlebags), you can see it better in the first picture at the top. 

Just gotta practice posing again, it is never easy. I need to concentrate on holding the shoulders evenly, I tend to have one lower than the other, taking these pictures helps me to see where I need improvement and each week just gets beter and better!