Friday, March 23, 2012

My Treadmill

I love my treadmill! I should have bought one ages ago! It has made life so much easier for me, at least while I have to get extra cardio in. If you saw my post about it you know that I got a used NordicTrack EXP 1000 for $50.00. I really wouldn't have been able to justify paying much more when I pay a lot to belong to the gym and could use one of theirs.

I found it on Craigslist, and I see them all the time for quite a bit more! 

I am not sure if I would recommend one for everyone, I can imagine that most people buy something like this and never use it. I think that if you cannot get yourself to the gym regularly, then you probably won't make it to your own treadmill either, no matter where it is located in your house.

They take up a lot of room, are usually very expensive and noisy (at least my $50.00 treadmill is). The guys always walk by and close the door when I am on it. At least they wave as they close the door on me.

I have found it indispensable now that I am in competition mode and must get more cardio in everyday to burn extra calories and tighten the skin. How does it tighten the skin? Well, treadmills don't really tighten skin but doing regular cardio, combined with the proper competition diet and lots of water ensures you rid the body of sub cutaneous fat, and then your skin LOOKS tighter!

It's that nasty fat under the skin that makes you look soft and pudgy (yuck). Two things I don't care for on a body - "soft" or "skinny".....In fact, now I have lost enough so as I lay in bed at night, I can run my hands over my stomach and it feels flat and firm, there isn't much under the skin except my muscle and bones and a small layer of fat. This is the stage when I marvel at how the changes occur, I can pinch the skin on my stomach and the thumb and index finger almost meet, not much fat left and in a few weeks there won't be any!

My stomach before cardio on Thursday night.

Combine that with  regime of heavy weights, the muscles pop and voila, killer body!

Back to the treadmill though, I have it set up in my guest room which is rarely used, and have now noticed that the walls really do need some paint. I hate to admit it, but we have owned this house since 1991 and have not yet painted the guest room, it just never seemed important.

As I spend more time on the treadmill I look around, thinking of colors that would be soothing yet bright, I need to spice up this room of mine. I think this summer will be a good time to overhaul my treadmill room. And since my son will be moving out and heading off to college, I have several other rooms to start thinking about too!

Mark said he will come help paint if David can get me out of the way, I am thinking kitchen, all four bedrooms, bathrooms, living room...maybe the whole house!

I think my $50.00 treadmill will eventually end up costing us several hundred more dollars! ha ha